Distributor of Hydraulic Products

Progressive Power & Control is a distributor of the following hydraulic products. We sell and service the hydraulic products and parts of these fluid power manufacturers as well as many others. Our strong relationships with these manufacturers give us quick access to support and product delivery.

Key hydraulic vendors

Our Primary Hydraulics Vendors

Bieri Hydraulik - Pumps, pressure valves, pressure switches, oil level switches, seated hydraulic valves with pressure compensated poppets, pressure valves, shut-off valves, flow valves, axial piston pumps, radial piston pumps, combination pumps, SRK-ATEX explosion-proof pumps.

Casappa Fluid Power - Aluminum body hydraulic gear pumps and motors, cast-iron body gear pumps and hydraulic motors, built-in valves, gear flow dividers, axial piston pumps, hydraulic hand pumps.

Emmegi Heat Exchangers - Air-to-oil heat and water-to-oil heat exchangers, shell & tube heat exchangers, combined heat exchangers, autonomous cooling units, heat exchangers for compressors, integrated surge tanks.

Filtration Group - A master group of the top hydraulic filter brands, including Zinga, Kaydon, IBS Filtran, Filtran LLC, Air System Products and Mahle.

Fluidyne Fluid Power - Rebuilt hydraulic parts from Denison, Double-A, Hydura/Oil Gear, Racine, Vickers and Char-Lynn. Western filters, VelJan parts.

Hayes - Engine-mounted pump drive plates, flexible pump motor couplings.

HeyPac - Air-driven fluid pumps, air-driven hydraulic power units.

Ikron - Casappa filters including return filters, in-line filters, suction filters, spin-on filters, clog indicators, level guages, temperature gauges, filler breathers.

KTI - Power units, AC and DC power packs, hydraulic pumps, manifolds and valves

Linde - Heavy duty piston pumps, motors, hydrostatic drives, open loop hydraulic drives, horsepower controls, proportional controls.

Moog Flo-tork (Flotork) - Hydraulic actuators, Megatork actuators, Spec-Tork actuators, rack & pinion type rotary actuators.

Moog Ohio Oscillator - Series H and HH heavy-duty hydraulic components from Ohio Oscillator

Nachi Hydraulics - Power units, pumps, valves, electronic controls, wheel motors, swivel joints.

Nachi Robotics - Robot systems for automation in manufacturing systems.

Parker Hydraulics - Hydraulic and Pneumatic Controls

Poclain Hydraulics - HSLT (high speed low torque) motors, radial cam lobe piston motors, wheel motors, shaft output motors, rotating case motors, closed-loop pumps, open-loop pumps, valves, hydraulic power units, open-loop valves, brake valves, power transmission valves, custom valve blocks.

R. R. USA (RRUSA / Reggiana Ridduttori) - Inline and right-angle planetary gear reducers, swing drive gearboxes, low-speed high-torque hydraulic motors (LSHT), steering valves and columns, rotary manifolds, wheel gears, valves, hydraulic motors, braking systems, fixed displacement hydraulic motors with bent axis.

Scanreco - Radio remote control transmitters and receivers.

Sunfab NA Hydraulics - hydraulic pumps and motors, high pressure piston pumps, dual flow piston pumps, variable displacement pumps.

TCI Technologies Power Transmission Components - Geroter hydraulic motors, hydrostatic steering units, steering columns, grapple rotators, planetary drives/gears/gear boxes. TCI Technologies is an R. R. USA Company.

Voith Turbo - internal gear pumps, high pressure gear pumps, low-viscosity fluid pumps, multiple flow pumps.

Vonberg Valve - In-Line valves and Cartridge valves: Flow Regulating Valves, Directional Valves, Velocity Fuses, Flow Limiters, Pressure Controls.

Walvoil Hydraulic Control Systems - spool valves, proportional valves and load sensing valves.

Wandfluh of America - Swiss zero leak hydraulic valves.

Webster Instruments (WEBTEC) - Flow meters, hydraulic test equipment for pressure testing.

White Drive Products - Hydraulic motors, pumps, brakes and flow dividers

Yates - Air cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, NFPA interchangeable cylinders, stainless steel and epoxy-coated cylinders for food service applications.

Yuken Kogyo - Hydraulic pistons, vane pumps, directional valves, hydraulic stack modules and power units.

Zinga - filtration systems, suction filters, pressure filtration, return line filters, housings, site level guages.

Other Suppliers

Anchor Fluid Power - SAE flanges, weld flanges, ball valves, needle valves, check valves.

Aron - Italian hydraulic high flow valves, hydraulic reciprocating valves, bankable hydraulic valves.

Brevini Planetary Gearboxes - Flange-mounted and Atex Gearboxes, Shaft-mounted Planetary Gearboxes, Foot-mounted Planetary Gearboxes, Planetary Wheel Drives, Slew Drives, Track Drives, Wheel Drives and Winch Drives.

Chermack Machine - Custom steel and rubber track drives and OEM track undercarriages

Daikin - Japanese oil hydraulic units and pumps.

Daman - Hydraulic valve manifolds, cover plates, valve adaptors, subplates, servo valve subplates, tapping plates, DIN cartridge valve bodies, header blocks, junction blocks

Danfoss - Gear pumps and motors, solenoid valves, themostatic valves, angleseat valves, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, differential pressure switches, temperature sensors, temperature switches, contactors and motor starters

Doering - Pumps, cartridge valves and housings for extreme environments

Dynamic Fluid Components - hydraulic motors (RotorTorc, RolorTorc, Geroler), gear pumps, gauges, valves, reservoirs, hose assemblies,and hydraulic fittings and accessories.

Engineered Specialty Products - Pressure and temperature instruments and gauges from Precision Instrument Company and Baumer Process Instrumentation.

FTI - hydraulic oil sampling and analysis.

Gibson - Close-tolerance gear-type flow dividers.

Guardian Flexible Couplings - motion control couplings, shaft couplings, engine/flywheel couplings, pipe couplings, and shaft solutions for power take-offs

Hub City - parallel shaft speed reducers, bevel gear speed reducers, worm gear speed reducers.

Hy-pro - Absolute interchangeable hydraulic filters and housings, vacuum dehydrators, turbine oil coalesce skids, filter elements and breathers.

Lynch Fluid Controls - Lynch manufactures electronic directional valve controller boards.

Magnetek - Wireless and wired radio controllers, transmitters, receivers, CAN-bus controllers and other electronic control devices for hydraulic and mobile applications.

Marzocchi - Gear pumps, motors, pocket pumps, hi-lo pumps.

Masuda - Japanese hydraulic filters.

Metaris - Gear pumps, piston pumps, vane pumps, PTOs, orbital motors, telescopic cylinders, replacement parts for CaterpillarĀ®, CaseĀ® and other equipment.

Miratron - Radio remote controls, CAN-enabled switches, speed switches, fan controls, valve drivers

PQ Controls - Single axis joysticks, multi axis joysticks, linear actuators, remote controls, level sensors, foot pedals, control knobs and grip handles.

SAM Hydraulik - Axial piston motors, axial piston pumps, orbital motors, geared motors, accessories, valves. A Brevini company.

Slack & Parr, Ltd: Rotary geared flow dividers and flow meters.

Sterling Hydraulics - hydraulic load control cartridge valves and hydraulic manifold systems.

Switching Solutions - Pressure switches, vacuum switches, pressure transducers and temperature switches.

Taisei Kogyo - Hydraulic filters

Teledyne Republic Manatrol - Older hydraulic systems for which we offer replacements and repair.

Tompkins Industries - Metric hydraulic fittings and adapters.

Triple R: Complete filtration systems to remove particles, sludge, and water from hydraulic fluids.

Trochoid by Fuji Techno - Japanese hydraulic trochoid pumps.

Valley Instruments - Pressure gauges.

Vescor - Custom reservoirs and accessories.

Von Ruden - Rol-Seal motors, axial vane motors, overhung load adaptors, bevel gear boxes.

Young Powertech - Hydraulic orbital motors, radial piston motors, rotary manifolds, hydraulic steering columns, hydraulic Gerolor and Gerotor motors, hydraulic gear pumps, gear motors, planetary gear reducers, track drives, slew drives, swing drives, variable flow controls.

Zero-Max - Overhung load adapters