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RR USA Brake Systems by Reggiana-Riduttori

RR USA Hydraulic Brakes

RRUSA negative-type hydraulic disk brakes available in a direct installation version for orbital hydraulic motors and in a modular version for installation on RRUSA gear reducers.

Reggiana-Riduttori Hydraulic Disk Brake Models:

Brake cylinders with hydraulic servo control

For use in small self-propelled machines such as front-loaders, excavators, backhoes, etc. Easy to install and integrate with existing braking and hydraulic systems for maximum braking sensitivity and high-pressure braking with low pressure on the brake pedal. Built-in servo brake pressure limiting valves.

Operating ranges
  • Braking pressure from 0 to 150 bar
  • Single- or double-circuit displacement: 18cc to 65cc
  • Operating temperature: –20°C to +90°C
  • Available for mineral oil and for brake fluid
  • Pressure-limiting valves
  • Slide valves for working braking
  • Closed-center servo brakes
  • Servo brakes for load sensing systems
  • Master cylinders without hydraulic servo control
  • Combination of servo brakes with brake cylinder types for all system requirements

Two-stage brake cylinders

Compact size for use on fork-lift trucks, front-loaders, mechanical backhoes, agricultural backhoes, etc

Operating ranges
  • Braking pressure up to 150 bar
  • Displacement available from 8cc to 35cc
  • Available for mineral oil and for brake fluid

Braking Systems for Farm Trailers

RR USA manufactures mechanical or hydraulic brake systems for tractors and trailers used in agricultiure. Used for service brakes, parking brakes and emergency brakes. Single-acting or compound braking cylinders. Includes reservoir with hand pump, wheel cylinders, connecting joints, force/pressure transducers, electric systems, and pressure selector valves.

SAFIM S6 braking system

Available in both modular and compact versions, the Safim S6 Brake System brake components are all grouped together in a single unit, requiring only a few connections and pulling little power from the vehicle's hydraulic circuit. Provides direct control of mechanical or hydraulic brakes (positive and negative). The S6 brake system is designed for vehicles with 1 to 4 brake circuits such as loaders, dumpers, forklift trucks, mobile cranes, cement mixers, excavators, compressors, etc.

Models include:
  • S6 Modular type brake valves
  • S6 E power brake valves
  • S6 compact brake valves
  • S6 T type brake valves

RR USA complete brake systems for heavy equipment

Part Numbers:
  • DG-RF/288
  • DG-RF/289
  • DG-RF/290
  • DG-RF/313
  • DG-RF/314
  • DG-RF/315
  • DG-RF/316
  • DG-RFF/392
  • DG-RFF/396