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RR USA Inline Gear Reducers by Reggiana-Riduttori

RRUSA Male Spline Output Planetary Gear Reducers - Inline Type

Reggiana-Riduttori's inline planetary gear reducers are available with a wide variety of output torques and ratios.

Output shafts include:

  • Male splined
  • Cylindrical keyed (SAE or metric)
  • Hollow-shaft
  • Hex-shaft
  • Integral pinions

Available inputs:

  • Negative brakes
  • Motor connections for hydraulic motors
  • Motor connections for electric motors
  • Male inputs for pulleys
  • Male inputs for chain sprocket transmission


  • RR65 MS
  • RR105 MS
  • RR110 MS
  • RR210 MS
  • RR210 SS
  • RR310 MS
  • RR310 SS
  • RR510 MS
  • RR510 SS
  • RR710 MS
  • RR710 SS
  • RR810 MS
  • RR810 SS
  • RR1010 MS
  • RR1700 MS
  • RR1700 BS

RR USA / Reggiana-Riduttori
inline planetary gear reducer
with Fmale spline output

RRUSA Female Spline Gear Reducers

Female spline gear reducers are used where the gear reducer is only providing speed and torque changes. Inputs are availabe with connections for hydraulic or electric motors or male inputs for pulley and chain sprocket transmissions.


  • RR65 FS
  • RR105 FS
  • RR110 FS
  • RR210 FS
  • RR310 FS
  • RR510 FS
  • RR710 FS
  • RR810 FS
  • RR1010 FS
  • RR1700 FS
  • RR1700 FS

RR USA Reggiana-Riduttori inline planetary gear reducer
with female spline output