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RR USA Right-angle Gear Reducers by Reggiana-Riduttori

RRUSA Right Angle Gear Reducers with Male Spline

The right-angle gear reducers offer the same power transmission capabilities as the inline versions, but utilize less space by providing power transmission at a 90 degree angle. They accept the same inputs and outputs.

Output shafts include:

  • Male splined
  • Cylindrical keyed (SAE or metric)
  • Hollow-shaft
  • Hex-shaft
  • Integral pinions

Available inputs:

  • Negative brakes
  • Motor connections for hydraulic motors
  • Motor connections for electric motors
  • Male inputs for pulleys
  • Male inputs for chain sprocket transmission


  • RR105 MS
  • RR110 MS
  • RR210 MS
  • RR210 SS
  • RR310 MS
  • RR310 SS
  • RR510 MS
  • RR510 SS
  • RR710 MS
  • RR710 SS
  • RR810 MS
  • RR810 SS
  • RR1010 MS
  • RR1700 MS
  • RR1700 SS

RR USA right-angle gear reducer with male spline

RRUSA Right Angle Gear Reducers with Female Spline

The female spline gear reducers are available with the spiral bevel right angle drive.


  • RR105 FS
  • RR110 FS
  • RR210 FS
  • RR310 FS
  • RR510 FS
  • RR710 FS
  • RR810 FS
  • RR101 FS
  • RR1700 FS
  • RR2500 FS
  • RR3200 FS
  • RR4000 FS
  • RR5200 FS
  • RR6500 FS
  • RR8000 FS
  • RR10000 FS
  • RR15000 FS
  • RR20000 FS
  • RR25000 FS
  • RR30000 FS
  • RR40000 FS
  • RR55000 FS
  • RR70000 FS
  • RR85000 FS

RR USA right-angle gear reducer with female spline