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Daikin Flow Control Valves

SF Flow Control Valves

The SF flow control valve offers compensation regardless of changes in the load pressure and fluid temperature.

Daikin SF flow control valve

Part numbers:

  • SF-G02-002-15
  • SF-G02-006-15
  • SF-G02-030-15
  • SF-G02-060-15
  • SF-G02-150-15

SFD Throttle Valve with Rotary Type Deceleration Valve (with Temperature Compensation Control)

SFD Throttle Valves are available in a variety of models to fit your needs and are capable of controlling the sequence: rapid traverse to slow feed to rapid return.

SFD Throttle Valve

JF Flow Control Valves and Flow Control Valves with Check Valve (with Pressure/Temperature Compensation Control)

JF flow control valves maintains flow rate regardless of changes in the load pressure and fluid temperature.

Daikin JF flow control valve with check valve

Part numbers:

  • JF -G02- 30-15
  • JFC -G02- 30-15
  • JF -G03-105-16
  • JFC -G03-105-17

TSC Compact Throttle Valve with Check Valve

The TSC low-leak throttle valve has a built-in check valve controls flow in one direction while leaving flow unrestricted in the other direction.

Daikin TSC Compact Throttle Valve with Check Valve

Part numbers:

  • TSC-G01-11
  • TSC-T01

ST-G02 Throttle Valves (with Temperature Compensation Control)

The ST-G02 throttle valve offers temperature compensation control to maintain flow rate. Part numbers: ST-G02- 2-10 and ST-G02-10-10.

Daikin ST-G02 Throttle Valves

SMC-02 check valves

Check valves for SF-G02 flow control valve and ST-G02 throttle valve

Daikin SMC-02 Check Valve

HDFT Throttle Valves/Throttle Valves with Check Valve

HDFT throttle valves have a high pressure balance, allowing easy operation of the handle even at a high pressure for precise adjustment of the flow rate.

HDFT Throttle Valves

Part numbers:

  • HDFT(C)-G03
  • HDFT(C)-T03
  • HDFT(C)-G06
  • HDFT(C)-T06
  • HDFT(C)-F06
  • HDFT(C)-G10
  • HDFT(C)-T10
  • HDFT(C)-F10
  • HDFT(C)-F16

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