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Daikin Oil Coolers

AKZ9 Oil Cooling Unit

Daikin AKZ9 Hydraulic Oil Cooler

The Daikin 9 Series oil cooling units offer accurate temperature control, energy efficiency, RoHS compliance, and on-board performance monitoring.

Available in the following horsepower:

  • 0.5 HP
  • 1.2 HP
  • 1.5 HP
  • 2.0 HP
  • 3.0 HP

AKJ9 Oil Cooling Unit

Daikin AKJ9 Oil Cooling Unit

Low noise, energy-efficient immersion oil cooling units with accurate temperature control.

AKC9 Oil Cooling Unit

Daikin AKC9 Oil Cooler

Circulation oil cooling unit

AKW9 Inverter Controlled Chiller/Oil Cooler

Daikin AKW9 Inverter Controlled Chiller

Environmentally friendly inverter chiller - energy-efficient and RoHS-compliant.

AKZ8 Oil Cooling Unit

Daikin AKZ8 Oil Cooling Unit

Circulation oil cooling unit.

AKZJ8 Oil Cooling Unit

AKZJ8 Oil Cooling Unit

Immersion oil cooling unit.

AKZC8 Oil Cooling Unit

Daikin AKZC8 Oil Cooling Unit

Circulation oil cooling units. Standalone design.

AKZW8 Inverter Controlled Chiller

Daikin AKZW8 Inverter Controlled Chiller

Energy-efficient compact inverter chiller.

LT Oil Cooler - Water-cooled Type

LT water-type Oil Cooler

LT water-cooled oil coolers.

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