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Emmegi Heat Exchangers with Built-in Surge Tanks

Emmegi HPA TK Heat Exchangers

Emmegi HPA TK heat exchangers eliminate heat in closed-circuit hydraulic systems. They come equipped with aluminum cooler body, hard plastic axial motor fan and include a surge tank. Used mainly in mobile machinery such as cement trucks and agricultural equipment. Also includes a suction line filter without by-pass which is positioned below the fluid level on the side of the tank.

Emmegi HPA TK air-to-oil heat exchanger with surge tank for closed hydraulic circuits

HPA 12 TK15:

Part numbers

  • 4D7412301C
  • 4D7424301C

HPA 18 2PASS TK18:

Part numbers

  • 039768A012031
  • 039768A024031

HPA 18 2PASS TK30:

Part numbers

  • 0583200012021
  • 0583200024021

HPA 24 2PASS TK30:

Part numbers

  • 051550A012031
  • 051550A024031