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Hayes Flywheel Couplings

Hayes Original Flywheel Couplings

Thousands of Hayes Original Flywheel Couplings are in service in gas and tough diesel engines. Torsional vibration is minimized by our flexible neoprene elements which provide a dampening effect, absorb vibration and reduce shock loads. The couplings are compact and transmit plenty of torque. Hayes Original Flywheel Couplings are available with a variety of spline and bores/keys ready to attach to your flywheel. One-piece design. Steel construction.

Hayes original flywheel couplings

Hayes HEX-FLX Flywheel Couplings

The HEX-FLX coupling provides high torsional stiffness in operations below critical speeds.

  • Excellent shaft clamping
  • Eliminates fretting
  • Handles high-shock loads
  • Operating temperatures: -40° to +300°F
  • Two-piece blind mounting
  • Light and compact
  • Standard SAE flywheels

Not approved for generator, vacuum pump or blower applications


  • HB1
  • HB2
  • HB3
  • HB4
  • HC1
  • HC2
  • HC3
  • HC4
  • HC5
  • HC6
  • HDT1
  • HDT2
  • HDT3

Flange Part Numbers:

  • B-065
  • C-075
  • C-080
  • C-010
  • DT-115

Hayes HEX-FLX flywheel coupling

Hayes Yoke Flange Couplings

The coupling's steel flywheel plate, manufactured from a steel burnout or custom forged, is precision machined for accurate balance. It can be adjusted for specific inertia requirements.

  • Lengthens the life of your pump or gear box by absorbing vibration and shock
  • Creates a consistent dampening effect when under load
  • Steel construction
  • One-piece design
  • Operating temperatures: -40° to +220°F
  • Standard SAE flywheels and non-standard flywheels

Hayes yoke flange flywheel coupling