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Hayes Jaw Couplings

Hayes jaw couplings

These three-piece flexible coupling are frequently used to connect an electric motor to a hydraulic pump or mechanical drive. The hubs are made of lightweight aluminum alloy. The bodies and lugs are CNC machined. The solid wall of rubber in the insert eliminates metal-to-metal contact while providing a proper performance when aligned properly. The steel locking insert is standard on all 20 thru 60 series.

Three insert choices are available:

  • Neoprene - Neoprene is used for light or steady loads
  • Hytrel - Used in industrial application where torque, a variety of load conditions or chemicals exist
  • Neoprene with a metal ring - Used in medium and heavy torque uses and internal combustion engines

Jaw Coupling Sizes:

  • XO Series Jaw Couplings - 5/8 inchmaximum bore
  • 10 Series Jaw Couplings - 1 inch maximum bore
  • 20 Series Jaw Couplings - 1-3/8 inch maximum bore
  • 30 Series Jaw Couplings - 1-5/8 inch maximum bore
  • 40 Series Jaw Couplings - 1-7/8 inch maximum bore
  • 50 Series Jaw Couplings - 2-3/8 inch maximum bore
  • 60 Series Jaw Couplings - 2-7/8 inch maximum bore

Hayes Steel Locking Inserts

The split locking system used in our steel locking inserts provides more holding power and protects splined shafts. It comes standard on all splined couplings 20 through 60 series.

Hayes steel locking insert for spline shafts

Taper Lock System

The Hayes taper lock bushings are used primarily in the mobile market. The tapers are drawn together with screws tightened from the lug side of the coupling, allowing easy access to the pump face and providing uniform pressure on the shaft.

Hayes Taper Lock System