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Progressive Power & Control sells wireless radio remote controls, tethered controls, CAN-bus controllers, wireless controls, wireless receivers, and radio controllers from Magnetek. These devices can be used to control hydraulic systems used in mobile hydraulic equipment.

Wireless Transmitters

Magnetek manufactures a wide variety of wireless transmitters including handheld transmitters and bellybox transmitters suitable to control mobile hydraulic devices.

Enrange XLTX Bellybox Wireless Transmitter

Tough nylon box sealed to withstand extreme environments. Combine up to 8 levers and 4 joysticks. Frequency hopping in challenging RF situations.

Enrange MBT Bellybox Wireless Transmitter

Smallest, lightest bellybox available. Select a wide variety of toggle switches, potentiometers and selector switches. CAN-bus option available.

Enrange CHTX Bellybox Wireless Transmitter

A larger bellybox, the CHTX connects to a chest plate worn by the operator for easy carrying. Customizable for many types of applications.

Enrange MLTX Bellybox Wireless Transmitter

Compact Bellybox style is made of lightweight polymer and is 50% lighter than others of its type. Up to 7 levers and 2 joysticks available. Order custom units or purchase standard models.

Enrange MLTX2 Bellybox Wireless Transmitter

Lightweight, contoured for comfort bellybox. Configurable via PC.

Enrange Flex EM Handheld Wireless Transmitter

4, 8 and 12 button models. Wireless

Enrange Flex Pro

Proportional handheld controller. Can be programmed in the field using I-CHIP.

Enrange Flex Vue

Handheld wireless controller. Proportional with status display. 4, 8, or 12 button models available.

Enrange PGT

Pistol grip transmitter box. Comfortable to use with all of the controls you need.

Wired Transmitters

Enrange Flex Pro Tethered

Handheld proportional controller. Tethered to machine for reliable operation when RF is not an option.

SBP2 Tethered Pushbutton Pendants


Enrange MHR Radio Controller

Radio receiver and hydraulic controller in one convenient package.

Enrange Flex M Wireless Receiver

Modular design allows you to use this one controller for numerous functions. Simply add additional modules to expand its capability.

Enrange CAN-2 CAN-bus Receiver

Add remote control easily to any CAN-bus compatible machinery including J1939, Parker ICP, and CANopen. Operates on 400MHz, 900MHz and 2.4GHz for interference free communication.

Enrange CAN-6 CAN-bus Receiver

Add remote control easily to any CAN-bus compatible machinery including J1939, Parker ICP, and CANopen. Operates on 400MHz, 900MHz and 2.4GHz for interference free communication.

Wireless CAN Modules - WIC-2402

Expansion Modules

Magnetek MLTX2 wireless transmitter bellybox
Magnetek MLTX2 Bellybox Wireless Transmitter

Magnetek XLTX bellybox wireless transmitter for mobile hydraulicsMagnetek XLTX Wireless Bellybox Transmitter

Magnetek MBT wireless transmitter belly boxMagnetek MBT Wireless Transmitter - Bellybox Type

Magnetek CHTX bellybox transmitter - wirelessMagnetek CHTX Wireless Bellybox Transmitter

Magnetek Flex EM handheld wireless transmitterMagnetek Flex EM Wireless Transmitter - Handheld

Magnetek Flex Vue wireless transmitter for hydraulic applicationsMagnetek Flex Vue Wireless Handheld Transmitter

Magnetek Enrange pistol grip wireless transmitterMagnetek PGT Pistol Grip Wireless Transmitter

Magnetek Enrange wired transmitter - handheldMagnetek Enrange Wired Transmitter

Magnetek Enrange pushbutton pendant controllersMagnetek Enrange Pushbutton Pendant Controllers

Magnetek MHR radio controller from the Enrange series
Magnetek Enrange MHR Radio Controller

Magnetek Enrange Flex M wireless receiver for mobile hydraulic applications
Magnetek Enrange Flex M Wireless Receiver

Magnetek CAN-2 CAN-bus receiver
Magnetek CAN-2 CAN-bus Receiver

Magnetek CAN-6 CAN-bus receiver
Magnetek CAN-6 CAN-bus Receiver

Magnetek WIC-2402 Wireless CAN Module
Magnetek WIC-2402 Wireless CAN Module

Magnetek expansion modules
Magnetek Expansion Modules