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Sunfab Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve

Sunfab PRV Inline Pressure Relief Valve

All hydraulic systems require a pressure relief valve to protect the pump and hydraulic system from damage or unsafe operating conditions due to excessive constant pressure or pressure surges.

Sunfab hydraulic pressure relief valve model PRV

  • In-line mounted pressure relief valve
  • Pressures: 25,5-32/32–42 MPa
  • Fl ow capacity: 150 l/min.
  • Preset opening pressure of 32/42 MPa
  • Each turn adjusts the pressure by 13 MPa
  • Pressure gauge socket for easy adjustment and troubleshooting

Part Numbers:

  • PRV-32/42-3/4 - Maximum pressure = 420 Bar
  • PRV-32/42-G1 - Maximum pressure = 420 Bar
  • PRV-32-3/4 - Maximum pressure = 320 Bar
  • PRV-32-G1 - Maximum pressure = 320 Bar

Sunfab PRV pressure relief valve schematic

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