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Speed Sensor for Sunfab SCM Series Hydraulic Motors

Sunfab speed sensor is available for use on Sunfab SCM motors with displacements from 012-130 cc. ISO, SAE and DIN connections are supported. It is a two channel hall effect sensor with two frequency outputs. Both outputs produce square wave signals that are phase shifted ~90 C°. It can detect both speed and direction of rotation.

Sunfab speed sensor for hydraulic systems

Sunfab SCM motors can have the speed sensor installed at the factory when ordered with the motor. Sunfab motors that were manufactured "speed-sensor ready" can have a sensor fitted afterwards.

  • Sunfab speed sensors are available in PNP and NPN polarity.
  • They can function at temperatures of -40 to +125 °C
  • Mount - Asymmetric flange for directional dependence and failsafe fitting
  • 30 gears for all motor displacements.

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