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Webster Portable Hydraulic Test Equipment

DHT 1 / DHT2 Digital Hydraulic Testers

The DHT series of portable hydraulic testers weigh only 14lbs and provide bi-directional flow & pressure readings with a flow accuracy 1% and a bi-directional loading valve armed with INTERPASS™, Webster's trademarked burst disc protection system. A high-contrast LCD readout with US & Metric units selectable. 6,000 to 8,500 psi pressure gauge (PSI dependent on model).

Webster Instruments/WEBTEC digital hydraulic tester DHT

Model numbers:

  • DHT401-S-6
  • DHT801-F-3*
  • DHT801-S-7*
  • DHT302-S-6
  • DHT402-S-6
  • DHT602-S-7*
  • DHT602-F-3*
  • DHT802-F-3*
  • DHT802-S-7*

DHM 3 Digital Hydraulic Multimeter

This digital multimeter provides readings of flow, pressure, peak pressure, horsepower, temperature and volumetric efficiency and offers real-time, automatic calculation of horsepower & volumetric efficiency. The large LCD display has contrast controls and displays US and metric units. The built in load valve is equipped with Webster's INTERPASS™ safety disc system

DHM 3 Digital Hydraulic Multimeter with InterPass safety disc

Model numbers:

  • DHM403-S-6
  • DHM80 3-S-7*

HT 2 Analog Hydraulic Testers

The HT2 provides an analog readout of flow, pressure, temperature and reviolutions per minute (RPM). As with the Webster digital testers, this analog tester utilizes a bi-directional loading valve with INTERPASS™ burst disc protection. Bi-directional flow & pressure readings with a flow accuracy of 1%.

Webster Instruments/WEBTEC HT2 analog hydraulic test equipment

Model numbers:

  • HT302-S-6
  • HT402-S-6
  • HT602-S-7*
  • HT602-F-3*
  • HT802-F-3*
  • HT802-S-7*

RFIK Mechanical Hydraulic Tester

Mechanical tester capable up to 6000 psi and a flow range of 0.5 to 54 US gpm. The tester has an easily readable dials and flow accuracy within 4%. Safe operation is enabled by Interpass, which protects system and operator against accidental over-pressure in both flow directions. No batteries required.

Webster RFIK Mechanical Hydraulic Tester

Model numbers:

  • RFIK030-S-6
  • RFIK060-S-6
  • RFIK120-S-6
  • RFIK200-S-6

DHCR Remote Digital Hydraulic Testers

The DHCR includes a remote digital readout and you choice of flow blocks (see below). Bi-directional flow and pressure readings with a flow accuracy within 1%. The 2 flow/temp inputs and 1 RPM input make it a versatile machine. US and metric units displayed on the readout. Battery powered by 9v with auto-off capability to save battery life. Protected by Interpass to prevent over pressure.

DHCR digital readout

Model numbers:

  • DHCR-6
  • DHCR-7

Choose a flow block for the DHCR models:

LT Turbine flow meters with frequency output.

LT flowmeter

  • LT15-FM-S-S-6
  • LT60-FM-S-S-6
  • LT150-FM-S-S-6
  • LT300-FM-S-S-6
  • LT400-FM-S-S-6
  • LT600-FM-S-S-5
  • LT600-FM-F-S-3
  • LT800-FM-S-S-7
  • LT800-FM-F-S-3
  • LT1500-FM-F-S-6

LTR Turbine flow meters with built-in loading valve.

LTR tubine flowmeter

  • LT300R-FM-S-S-6
  • LT400R-FM-S-S-6
  • LT600R-FM-S-S-7
  • LT800R-FM-S-S-7

DHCR1500R Hydraulic Test Kit / HV1500 Hydraulic Test Kit

Measures flow, pressure, and temperature under load.

DHCR Remote Digital Hydraulic Tester

The DHCR1500R Hydraulic Test Kit contains the DHCR, LT1500, connecting hose, cable assembly, and user manuals in a rugged 24.6" x 19.4" x 13.8" carrying case. Total weight = 53 lbs.

  • Flows up to 400 US gpm
  • Pressure up to 420 bar, 6000 psi
  • Accuracy of ± 1% of indicated reading
  • Fast checks on pumps, motors, valves, cylinders and hydrostatic transmissions
  • 2 remote inputs which include flow and temperature, pressure and speed
  • Uses a standard battery
  • Low power consumption with an automatic power-saving feature
  • Infra-red phototachometer with an indicator for on target
  • Measures flow in both directions

HV1500 kit

  • Smooth progressive pressure control
  • Rated at 420 bar (6000 psi)
  • Connecting flange for use with DHCRLT1500 kit included, with seals and bolts
  • High tensile aluminium body
  • Pilot operated over pressure internal bypass valve
  • Uni-directional flow

HV Loading Valves

Model numbers:

  • HV200-S-N-6
  • HV400-S-N-6
  • HV800-S-N-6

Safety Burst Discs - 10 per package

  • FT338-6
  • FT338-5
  • FT338-4
  • FT338-3
  • FT545-7
  • FT545-6
  • FT545-5