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White Drive Hydraulic Flow Dividers

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FD 950 Series Hydraulic Flow Dividers

White Drive flow dividers utilize a dual Roller Stator gerotor assembly contained in a shared housing. This supplies input flow to the gerotor assemblies linked by a common drive link. By linking the dual gerotor assemblies, accurate division of the flow is achieved without the use of bearings or rotating seals. This design eliminates the failures common in competitors' designs. White flow dividers function effectively at lower RPM than most gear-based flow dividers and much less noise. These flow dividers can be used to synchronize cylinders or motors or used for pressure intensification. Maximum pressure is 207 bar [3000 psi]. The maximum pressure differential between the output ports is 172 bar [2500 psi].

White Drive Products FD Flow Divider series 950

2-way Flow Divider Part Numbers:

  • 950320M8699AAAAA
  • 950600M8699AAAAA
  • 950750M8699AAAAA

3-way Flow Divider Part Number:

  • 950900M8699AAAAA

4-way Flow Divider Part Number:

  • 9501K2M8699AAAAA