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Young Powertech Steering Valves and Steering Columns

BZZ Steering Valve

Available with different options including:

  • open center/non reaction
  • open center/reaction
  • closed center/non reaction
  • load sensing

Young Powertech BZZ Steering Valve

Code 101 Steering Valve

Includes an integrated PCV (pressure control valve)

Code 101 Steering Valve

Code 101-S Steering Valve

With integrated valves, including:

  • Relief valve
  • Shock valve
  • Suction Valve
  • Check valve

Code 101-S with Integrated Valves

Code 101-5T Steering Valve

With load sensing

  • Priority valve
  • Electro-hydraulic control signal

Code 101-5T steering valve with Load Sensing

Code 103 Compact Steering Valve


Code 103-S / 103S-4

Open-center/Non-reaction valves

  • 103-S: Relief valve
  • 104S-4: Check valve

Code 109 Mini Steering Unit


  • Relief valve
  • Relief and check valve
  • Relief, check and shock valve

Code 109 Mini Steering Unit

TLF - TLF 1 Flow Amplifier Steering Unit

Can be used instead of a load sensing valve

TLF - TLF 1 Flow Amplifier Steering Unit

BNF Torque Amplifier Open Center

This device, with integrated pressure relief valve, can output high torque with low torque input.

BNF Torque Amplifier

FK Steering (Manifold) Valve Series

A series of manifold valves that can be mounted on the steering valves to control other functions.

FK Steering (Manifold) Valve

FLD Flow Divider Valves

Used for creating a complete steering system in a single unit.

FLD Flow Divider Valve

DYXL Priority Valves

Used to create a load sensing power unit providing metered, priority flow to the
steering control unit.

DYXL Priority Valve

PV Priority Valves

For matching to a load sensing unit.

PV Priority Valve

LFF, LFA and LFB Flow Amplyfing Valve

These valves, when paired with a BZZ steering unit, use a small flow and low pressure to control a large flow and high pressure.

LFA and LFB have an integrated priority valve, directional valve, shock
valve, and suction valve. Can be paired with the 101-5TX steering valve.

LFF Flow Amplyfing Valve

Young Powertech Steering Columns

steering valves and steering columns