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Yuken Servo Motor/Piston Pump Systems

ASE series AC Servo Motor Driven Pump

The ASE series is an electro-hydraulic servo motor-driven piston pump for injection molding machines. Excellent energy savings and precision in injection molding applications. Integrated motor and piston pump system in one space-saving package.

Yuken ASE series AC Servo motor-driven piston pump for injection molding machines
ASE Models:

  • ASE3
  • ASE5
  • ASE10
  • ASE15W

Yuken ASR series Servo Motor-driven Piston Pump System

This piston pump system driven by a servomotor offers a wide range of uses from low pressure/high flow to high pressure/low flow. The energy efficient system uses minimal AC power and generates minimal heat and noise while providing high performance, accuracy and repeatability.

Yuken ASR Servomotor-driven Piston Pump System

ASR Models:

  • ASR1
  • ASR2
  • ASR3
  • ASR5
  • ASR10