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Zero-Max Composite Disc Couplings

A1C Series Couplings

These composite disc coupling are designed for use in servo motor and motion control systems where precision (high torsional stiffness) and durability (supports high dynamic loads) are important, as well as the ability to provide precise positioning while reversing at high speed without failure. The Zero-Max clamp-style hub design provides excellent shaft connection.They are available in a wide range of sizes. The high torsional stiffness does not mean brittleness. The A1C couplings provide plenty iof stiffness for accuracy but are still a great choice for the punishment of a servo motor. Zero-Max composite material offers excellent
chemical and moisture resistance in hostile environments.

  • Zero backlash
  • Torsion stiffness
  • Durable for reversing loads
  • Smooth operation at high speed
  • Compact form factor

Zero-Max CD composite disc couplings model A1C

CD Couplings - Single Flex Aluminum

Model numbers:

  • 6A18-A1C
  • 6A22-A1C
  • 6A26-A1C
  • 6A30-A1C
  • 6A37-A1C
  • 6A45-A1C

Zero-max A1C single flex aluminum coupling with composite disc

CD Couplings - Double Flex Aluminum

Model numbers:

  • 6P18-A1C
  • 6P22-A1C
  • 6P26-A1C
  • 6P30-A1C
  • 6P37-A1C
  • 6P45-A1C

Zero-max A1C double flex aluminum coupling with composite disc

Zero-max single flex steel coupling with composite discCD Couplings - Single Flex Steel

Model numbers:

  • 6A18
  • 6A18C
  • 6A22
  • 6A22C
  • 6A26
  • 6A26C
  • 6A30
  • 6A30C
  • 6A37
  • 6A37C
  • 6A37QD
  • 6A45
  • 6A45C
  • 6A45QD
  • 6A52
  • 6A52C
  • 6A52QD
  • 6A60
  • 6A60C
  • 6A60QD
  • 6A67
  • 6A67C
  • 6A67QD
  • 6A77
  • 6A77QD
  • 6A90
  • 6A105
  • 6A120


Zero-max A1C single flex stainless steel coupling with composite discCD Couplings - Single Flex Stainless Steel

An excellent choice for applications that require zero backlash and the durability of stainless steel. The hub and hardware are 300 stainless steel and the composite disc material is resistant to harsh chemicals.

Model numbers:

  • 6A30-SS
  • 6A30C-SS
  • 6A37-SS
  • 6A37C-SS
  • 6A45-SS
  • 6A45C-SS
  • 6A52-SS
  • 6A52C-SS

Zero-max double flex steel coupling with composite discCD Couplings - Double Flex Steel

Designed for precision applications that require misalignment capability. Thes large misalignment capacity and torsional stiffness make this coupling a solid choice.

Model numbers:

  • 6P18
  • 6P18C
  • 6P22
  • 6P22C
  • 6P26
  • 6P26C
  • 6P30
  • 6P30C
  • 6P37
  • 6P37C
  • 6P37QD
  • 6P45
  • 6P45C
  • 6P45QD
  • 6P52
  • 6P52C
  • 6P52QD
  • 6P60
  • 6P60C
  • 6P60QD
  • 6P67
  • 6P67C
  • 6P67QD
  • 6P77
  • 6P77QD
  • 6P90
  • 6P105
  • 6P120


Zer-Max flaoting shaftZero-Max Floating Shaft Coupling

Model numbers:

  • 6F22
  • 6F22C
  • 6F2
  • 6F26C
  • 6F30
  • 6F30C
  • 6F37
  • 6F37C
  • 6F45
  • 6F45C
  • 6F52
  • 6F52C
  • 6F60
  • 6F60C
  • 6F67
  • 6F67C


Zero Max Composite Disc Wind Turbine Couplings

Zero-Max understands the unique requirements of the wind turbine industry and has built driveline couplings for wind turbines since 1984. Zero-Max is a trusted and approved driveline coupling supplier to wind turbine manufacturers around the world. Exceeds the normal operational life of a driveline coupling. The V47 coupling will directly interchange with the original high speed shaft couplings in most wind turbinbes.

CD Composite Disc V47 Wind Turbine Coupling

  • 480mm DBSE
  • 407mm spacer length
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Composite material is designed and tested to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Fully tested and refined to handle loads beyond the needs of the application
  • Lightweight design for easy installation – drops in between the existing flanges
  • Repeatable consistent quality
  • Suitable for use in turbines that are operating in areas with difficult power grid conditions
  • Maintenance free

Zero-Max CD Composite Disc V47 Wind Turbine Coupling

Zero-Max V47 wind turbine coupling schematic


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