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Zero-Max Control Flex Couplings

The Control-Flex coupling is made up of two hubs to attach to the shafts and a center flex element which is affixed to the hubs using pins.

Single Disc Control-Flex Couplings - Clamp Style

The Zero-Max Control-Flex clamp-style hubs provide a positive shaft connection and are available with a single flex disc or two flex discs for greater torque and torsional stiffness. The clamp-style hub models come standard without keyways.

Model numbers:

  • C008P
  • C011P
  • C016P
  • C023P
  • C031P

clamp-style Single Disc Control-Flex Couplings

Double Disc Control-Flex Couplings - Clamp Style

Model numbers:

  • C208P
  • C211P
  • C216P
  • C223P
  • C231P

Single Disc Control-Flex Couplings

Control-Flex Couplings - Bolted Style

The Zero-Max Bolted-style hubs include keyway and set screw shaft attachment. Flex discs are bolted for drop-out.

Model numbers:

  • C030P
  • C045P
  • C060P
  • C075P

Control-Flex Couplings - Bolted Style

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