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Zero-Max Phas-Lok Adjusting Hubs

The Phas-Lok Adjusting Hub provides a simple method to change the phase of a drive component and shaft such as tuning timing adjustments, adjusting for chain elongation, and sprocket tooth wear.

Zero-Max Phas-Lok Adjusting Hubs

Phas-Lok Standard Series – bored to shaft size

  • Size A: Max bore = 7/8” or 22mm
  • Size B: Max bore = 1 1/2” or 38mm
  • Size C: Max bore = 2 1/2” or 65mm

Phas-Lok for the Browning Bushing

  • AX: Use with Browning “G” Bushing
  • BX: Use with Browning “H” Bushing
  • CX: Use with Browning “Q1” Bushing

Phas-Lok for the standard QD Bushings

  • B-QD: Use with QD series “JA” Bushing
  • C-QD: Use with QD series “SD” Bushing

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