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Zero-Max Servo Class Couplings

The Zero-Max high-performance ServoClass couplings are used for servo motors in motion control systems. They offer high torsional stiffness and low inertia providing zero backlash and low hysteresis for precise, repeatable positioning.

Lightweight aluminum alloy design for strength and durability and treated to prevent oxidation. All fasteners are corrosion resistant. Stainless steel disc packs. RoHS compliant.

  • Operating temperature range: -22° to +212°F (-30° to +100°C)
  • Torque ratings range: 0.5 to 250Nm

Available in eleven sizes in single and double disc models.

Zero-Max Servo Class Couplings

SC Series

Zero-Max ServoClass SC Couplings
Styles A, B and C

Model numbers:

  • SC005R
  • SC010R
  • SC020R
  • SC025R
  • SC030R
  • SC035R
  • SC040R
  • SC050R
  • SC060R
  • SC080R
  • SC090R
  • SC100R

SD Series

Zero-Max ServoClass SD Couplings
Styles A, B and C

Model numbers:

  • SD005R
  • SD010R
  • SD020R
  • SD025R
  • SD030R
  • SD035R
  • SD040R
  • SD050R
  • SD060R
  • SD080R
  • SD090R
  • SD100R

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