Basic Hydraulics Course

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Industrial Basics and Maintenance 1

This two-day hydraulics training course covers the basic principles and techniques of industrial hydraulics and maintenance. It dispels the common misconceptions of hydraulics and provides the student with a strong, practical knowledge of elementary principles and troubleshooting. This course is a must for anyone working “hands-on” with hydraulic systems and is recommended as a prerequisite for further training or Fluid Power Society Certification exams.

Who Should Attend:

This course is an excellent choice for maintenance and repair personnel, as well as engineering staff. Machine downtime can be greatly reduced by also having the electrical maintenance group attend.

Topics Covered:

  • Basic Fluid Power Concepts
    • Force
    • Pressure
    • Area
    • Volume
    • Flow
    • Work
    • Power
  • Reservoirs
    • Purpose
    • Care and maintenance
  • Fluids
    • Purpose
    • Types
    • Sampling
    • Filtration and cleanliness
  • Pumps
    • Types
    • Care, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Hoses and Conduits, and Fittings
    • Tubing
    • Hose
    • Pipe
    • Safety factors
    • Fasteners
  • Actuators
    • Cylinders
    • Motors
    • Rotary actuators
    • Care, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Directional Control Valves
    • Single and two-stage
    • Sizes
    • Operators
  • Pressure Control