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Progressive Power and Control in Indiana offers Fluid Power/Hydraulic Power Transmission courses and schools to:

  • Increase skills and productivity ofengineering and maintenance employees
  • Prepare for the Certified Fluid Power Specialist (CFPS) certification exams

Fluid Power Training Services:

Customized Courses:

Progressive Power & Control can customize fluid power course information to your specific training needs. As part of the process of customizing course information, PPC may offer to perform an “in-plant system survey” to identify the types of hydraulic technology in use and build an understanding of the nature of the work your maintenance engineers perform. This helps us tailor the courses to be of greatest benefit to your employees as well as providing several other meaningful benefits:

  • It gives your systems a second look by hydraulics experts
  • It may expose critical points of failure in your systems
  • It may expose hard to find, hard to replace components

The results of this "second look" will give you the information needed to rectify any of the above problems found in the process. Download our brochure

Sample course outline:

These subjects and concepts will be customized to provide the information needed to educate your staff on maintaining and troubleshooting the equipment in your manufacturing systems.

  • Terminology: This chapter helps all students prepare for the class by learning the terminology of fluid power and the concepts behind the terms.
  • Transmitting Force Through Fluid: A study of Pascal’s Law. Turning fluid power into mechanical force. How cylinders work. Mechanical force multiplication.
  • Energy Transmission Using Hydraulics - Hydraulic transmission of energy. The nature of hydraulic fluids. Accumulators. Displacement pumps. Velocity vs flow rate. The effects of heat in a hydraulic system.
  • Controlling Hydraulic Energy - Devices that harness the power created in hydraulic systems. Hydraulic symbol review.
  • Energy Transmission Using Pneumatics - Air compression. Air expansion. Pneumatic energy transmission. Flow rate.
  • Controlling Pneumatic Energy - Devices that harness the power created in pneumatic systems. Pneumatic symbol review.
  • Hydraulic Pumps and Compressors - Vane pumps. Piston pumps. Gear pumps. Geroter pumps. Pressure compensation. Piston compressors.
  • Check Valves, Cylinders and Motors - Check valve types and operation. Cylinder types and operation. Motor types and operation.
  • Flow Control Valves - Flow control valves types and operation.
  • Directional Control Valves - Directional control valve types and operation.
  • Pressure Control Valves - The many types of pressure control valves, their operation and application.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Handling - Reservoirs. Filtration. Cooling.
  • Pneumatic Air Handling - Filtration. Cooling.
  • Hydraulic Fluid Piping and Connectors - Types of piping. Size. Threads. Wall thickness. Piping materials. Couplings and fittings.

Pre-formatted courses:

PPC offers standard, preformatted courses on hydraulics. The courses are designed to give students a good overview of the pertinent info related to the course topic.

Courses include:

Training locations: We can provide on-site training in your facility or in a convenient nearby location

Training times: PPC offers instruction when it is convenient for your company. Courses can be taught day or night.