Hydraulic Troubleshooting Course

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Hydraulics 2: Function & Troubleshooting

This two-day course covers the construction, operation and setup of hydraulic components. It looks at how these components work, and why they fail. The attendee will learn more about selecting and sizing of components and conduits. Basic mathematics is used in this course and the student should bring a calculator to the session. This session is a good primer for the Fluid Power Society Technician Certification, or the Fluid Power Society Hydraulic Specialist examinations.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone who wants to increase the working knowledge of industrial hydraulics, or has responsibility for troubleshooting and efficient machine operation is encouraged to attend.

Topics Covered:

  • How Hydraulic Components Work & How They Fail
    • Pressure controls
    • Directional controls
    • Flow control and associated problems
    • Actuators
    • Cartridge valves
    • Electro hydraulic valves (introduction to proportional and servo)
    • Accumulators
    • Pumps
    • Check valves
  • Flow vs. Pressure Problems
    • Understanding flow and pressure
    • Signs and symptoms
  • Circuit analysis
  • Troubleshooting using hydraulic schematics