M & W Custom Hydraulic Manifolds

Progressive Power & Control sells hydraulic manifolds from M & W Manufacturing. M & W manifolds are precision-made and built to the exact dimensions to fit your needs. They manufacture manifolds for many different industries including:

  • Mobile manifolds for excavators, skid loaders, backhoes and paving equipment
  • Agricultural manifolds for planters, tractors, sprayers and harvesters
  • Industrial manifolds for forklifts and manufacturing equipment
  • Forestry manifolds for bunchers, skidders and loaders
  • Aerospace manifolds for metal fatigue testing systems, fixtures and structural testing equipment
  • Oil & Gas manifolds for oil exploration, hydraulic fracturing, extraction systems and offshore drilling
  • Marine grade manifolds for hoists, cranes and salvage systems
  • Mining manifolds for offroad mining trucks, mobile roof supports, and drilling equipment
  • Defense manifolds for transports, armored personnel carriers, etc.