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Aron Hydraulics

Progressive Power & Control is a distributor of Italian high flow valves, reciprocating valves and bankable valves from Aron.

Aron (part of Brevini Fluid Power Group) produces hydraulic and electronic systems such as:

  • Directional controls
  • Pressure controls
  • Flow controls
  • Modular valves,
  • Cartridge valves
  • Inline valves
  • Bankable valves

Aron also manufactures electronic systems for mobile machinery to be installed on self-propelling machines and industrial applications.

Planetary Gear Boxes

Flange Mounted and Atex:

Aron - Brevini in-line or right angle planetary gearboxes can be used in a wide range of industrial equipment and mobile applications. They are based upon a flexible modular system and are available with either male or female output shaft configurations.

Shaft Mounted:

In applications where it is necessary to ensure proper alignment between a gearbox and a driven shaft, Brevini's in-line and right angle shaft mounted planetary gearboxes provide the ideal solution.

Foot Mounted:

A design which integrates mounting feet into the gearbox housing means that Brevini's range of in-line and right angle gearboxes offer advantages in terms of high levels of operating stiffness and rigidity.

High Torque "S" Series:

The "S Series" planetary gear box is the optimum proposal for all applications requiring high torque with minimum dimensions, on fixed industrial equipment and also self-propelled machines. This epicyclic solution is preferable to solutions with traditional gear units as it offers an improvement of 40-60% in terms of space and weight.

Wheel Drives:

Compact planetary wheel drives, designed for a wide range of self propelled vehicles with hydraulic transmission and individually motorised wheel drives.

Track Drives:

Compact planetary track drive units, specifically designed for use on tracked vehicles: excavators and earthmoving machines.

Slewing Drives:

Brevini’s slewing drives are an essential component in keeping weight and size to a minimum on equipment such as tower cranes, wind turbines, aerial platforms, discharge booms and excavation and construction equipment.

Winch Drives:

Brevini planetary gear units, with rotating outer casing, are designed to be fitted into the winch drum: the PWD series for drive applications from 3 to 12 tons and the SLW-SCW series for applications exceeding 12 tons.

Mixer Gears:

Brevini's range of mixer drives are planetary gear units modified to meet the operating requirements of water conditioners and of mixers in chemical, ceramic and paper producing industries.

Pump Drives:

The Brevini pump drive gear units can drive up to 5 pumps from a single prime mover: diesel engine or electric motor.

Aron Pressure-compensated Bankable ValvesAron Pressure-compensated Bankable Valves

Aron non-Pressure-compensated Bankable Valves
Aron non-Pressure-compensatedBankable Valves

Aron Directional Control Valves
Aron Directional Control Valves

Aron In-line Cartridge Valves
Aron In-line Cartridge Valves

Aron Modular Valves
Aron Modular Valves

Aron Pressure Control Valve
Aron Pressure Control Valve

Aron Pressure Reducing Valve
Aron PRV 5 Pressure Reducing Valve

Aron Pressure Control Valve
Aron QC 3 Flow Control Valve

Aron Proportional Control Valve
Aron Proportional Control Valve