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Progressive Power & Control is an Indiana distributor of Brevini Hydraulics products, including:

Brevini Planetary Gearboxes

Brevini Flange-mounted GearboxFlange-mounted and Atex Gearboxes

In-line gearboxes andright angle gearboxes used in industrial equipment and mobile hydraulic solutions. Modular gearboxes are flexible with both female or male output shafts.

Brevini Shaft-mounted Planetary GearboxShaft-mounted Planetary Gearboxes

Brevini in-line and right angle shaft mounted planetary gearboxes ensure correct alignment between gearbox and shaft.

Brevini Foot-mounted Planetary GearboxFoot-mounted Planetary Gearboxes

Integrated mounting feet hold the gearbox securely in the gearbox housing of in-line and right angle gearboxes, giving you maximum rigidity and steadiness during operation. A wide range of accessories, such as adapters for electric and hydraulic motors are available.

Brevini High-torque Planetary GearboxHigh-Torque "S" Series Planetary Gearboxes

Brevini epicyclic gear units are designed for systems requiring a gearbox with high torque in a small form factor.

Brevini Wheel DrivePlanetary Wheel Drives

Brevini planetary wheel drives are designed for self propelled vehicles with hydraulic transmission and individually motorized wheel drives.

Brevini Track DrivePlanetary Track Drives

Specifically created for use on earthmovers, excavators, and in a gearmotor version for tracked mini-excavators, Brevini compact planetary track drives have the strength and flexibility to get the job done.

  • High load capacity, both radially and axially
  • Super-durable structure
  • Short overall length
  • Multi-disc failsafe brake
  • Direct mount hydraulic motors
  • Great for heavy duty applications

Brevini Slewing DriveSlewing Drives

With small, efficient form factors, Brevini’s slewing drives keep size and weight low and efficiency high. Great for use on on equipment such as wind turbines, cranes, aerial platforms, and construction equipment.

Brevini Winch DriveWinch Drives

Brevini winch drives are planetary gear units with a rotating outer casing.