Heat Exchangers by Emmegi

Progressive Power & Control carries liquid cooled heat exchangers and air cooled heat exchangers from Emmegi. Emmegi Heat Exchangers manufactures Air-Oil heat exchangers (Air to Oil) and Water-Oil heat exchangers (shell & tube) for mobile hydraulics and industrial hydraulics

Emmegi is an Italian company that has been manufacturing heat exchangers since 1975. Progressive Power & Control is a Master Distributor for Emmegi mobile heat exchangers and a distributor of Emmegi industrial heat exchangers.

Emmegi heat exchanger logo

Air-to-Oil Heat Exchangers

Air-to-oil heat exchangers using forced ventilation for the cooling of hydraulic oil and hydraulic fluids. Can be used for mobile hydraulic applications such as farm machinery and earth movers, compressors, machine tools and injection presses. EmmegiI air-oil heat exchangers are used for cooling oil hydraulic systems using coolant and ambient air that passes over the radiant by means of a fan operated by an electric or hydraulic motor.

Water-to-Oil Heat Exchangers

Water-to-oil heat exchangers are also known as shell and tube heat exchangers. Used in food stuff machinery, marine and industrial installations, machine tools, compressors and generators.

EMMEGI water-oil heat exchangers are used for cooling oil hydraulic systems on the return line of the system. EMMEGI heat exchangers have a water system of 1,2 or 4 circuits and they can be supplied with thermostatic valves which greatly assist in the reduction of water consuption.

Autonomous Heat Exchangers

Used in hydraulic circuits where an exchanger cannot be installed on the circuit return line due to hammering and high differential flows in the circuit such as Elevators / lifts, Machine tools, Industrial machinery.

Combination Heat Exchangers for Compressors

Used to cool hydraulic oil and engine water. Used in compressors.

Emmegi HPA TK Heat Exchangers

An integrated surge tank is included with this heat exchanger, which is used to cool closed-circuit hydraulics such as those found on moving machinery and truck mixers.

Combination Heat Exchangers for Mobile Machinery

Cools both engine water and hydraulic fluid in one convenient heat exchanger.

Custom Heat Exchangers

Specific hydraulic cooling needs can be addressed with custom built heat exchangers.

The Emmegi Heat Exchanger Lineup:

  • Emmegi 2000K series heat exchangers
  • Emmegi MG series water-oil heat exchangers
  • Emmegi HPA TK series heat exchangers
  • The HPA TK series heat exchangers
  • Emmegi HPA series heat exchangers
  • Emmegi HPA compact series heat exchangers
  • Emmegi 2000KBV series heat exchangers
  • Emmegi HPV series heat exchangers