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Progressive Power & Control carries Hayes flexible couplings, pump mount plates, pump drive plates, bearing supports, SAE stub shafts, Hayes generator drives and other power transmission products such as flexible pump motor couplings.

Hayes offers pump drive plates for diesel engines and pump drive plates for gasoline engines from manufacturers such as:

  • Cummins diesel engine pump drive plates
  • Kubota engine drive plates
  • Yanmar pump drive plates
  • Detroit Diesel Diahatsu drive plates
  • Duetz Ford engine drive plates
  • Nissan pump drive plates
  • Isuzu engine Diesel engine pump drive plates
  • Gasoline engine pump drive plates

Hayes Flywheel Couplings

  • The Hayes "original" flywheel coupling absorbs vibration and shock to provide a steady dampening effect.
  • The HEX-FLX coupling provides operation below critical speeds with its high torsional stiffness
  • Minimizes spline fretting
  • Excellent shaft clamping
  • Replace existing couplings with the HEX-FLX

Yoke Flange Drives

  • Internally supported Yoke Flange Coupling
  • Marine & Irrigation - Hayes straight-sided spline couplings for water pumps and marine gear transmissions

Hayes Pump Mount Plates

Hayes pump mount plates meet your pump mounting needs

Hayes Engine Housings

Thick wall sections and custom mounts make an aluminum engine housing that will stand the test of time.

Hayes SAE Stub Shafts

SAE Housing Adapters are stock adapters manufactured from aluminum castings or fabricated steel. For inline loads, Hayes offers a complete range of SAE flywheel stub shafts.

Hayes Bearing Supports

Bearing Supported Stub Shafts allow you to side-load the back of an engine, while not allowing any load back to the crankshaft.

Hayes Generator Drives

Generator drives help APU manufacturers drive their generators.

Hayes Jaw Couplings

Call Progressive Power & Control for quick replacement of your Hayes jaw coupling because jaw coupling failures are costly and time consuming

Hayes Dyno Drive Shafts

Drive shafts for testing diesel engines