Hub City

Hub City hydraulics logo

Progressive Power & Control sells the Hub City hydraulic product line.

Bearings & Couplings

  • ModuLine mounted spherical roller bearings
  • IndustriaLine mounted bearings
  • DuraLine mounted bearings
  • HubFlex flexible shaft couplings

Gear Drives & Speed Reducers

  • HERA high-efficiency right-angle gear drives
  • Worm gear speed reducers
  • Spartan aluminum worm gear drives
  • Bevel gear drives
  • Parallel shaft drives
  • PowerTorque shaft mount reducers

Helical Drives

Poweratio 4000 and Spartan models

  • Poweratio 4000 cast iron helical in-line drives
  • Spartan aluminum high-efficiency helical in-line drives

Poweratio 2000 models

  • High Efficiency Compact Helical Parallel Drives
  • High Efficiency Helical-Bevel Gear Drives
  • High Efficiency Helical-Worm Gear Drives

Hydraulics for Pharmaceutical and Food Processing

CleanLine washdown solutions

Gear Motors

Mina-Gear gearmotors

Farm and Agricultural Hydraulics

  • Over-running couplers
  • Spline coupling
  • Spline shafts
  • PTO drives and adapters