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Progressive Power & Control sells Linde heavy duty piston pumps and Linde motors, hydrostatic drives, open loop hydraulic drives, horsepower controls, 21 degree swash plate angle (power dense/high starting torque), proportional controls.

Linde Pumps:

Linde provides axial piston pumps in swash plate design for heavy and medium duty applications. These pumps are either part of the hydrostatic drive line in closed loop systems or they supply oil to the working hydraulics in open loop systems. With their high efficiency and their precise controllability these pumps are designed for mobile and stationary hydraulics

  • HPV-02 Variable Displacement Pumps - Variable pumps for closed loop operation
  • HPR-02 Self-Regulating Pumps - Self-regulating pumps for open loop operation

Linde Axial Piston Motors:

Linde manufactures fixed displacement motors, variable displacement and pressure regulating motors for heavy duty applications. Combined with Linde’s variable and regulating pumps these motors are the core components of any hydrostatic transmission. With their modular structure, a variety of controls, regulators and valves, these motors are designed for a wide range of applications in the field of mobile and stationary hydraulics.

  • HMV-02 Variable Displacement Motors
  • HMR-02 Pressure Regulating Motors
  • HMF-02 Fixed Displacement Motors

Linde Control Valves:

Load Sensing directional control valves are used in open loop systems. They distribute the oil flow to several actuators. The LSC directional control valves are available as single valve, valve assembly or monoblock configuration.

  • Linde LSC monoblocks
  • Linde LSC-VT modular blocks
  • Linde Synchron Control System (LSC) VW Directional Control Valves

Linde Power Transmission (Continuous Variable Transmission):

The Linde power transmission components can be used in mobile and industrial applications. Products include:

  • Linde K-02-ET Continuous Variable Transmissio
  • Linde K-02-IT Continuous Variable Transmissio
  • Linde HPV-02 + HMF/V-02 Hydrostatic Drive System
  • Linde PMC Track Drive
  • Linde PMCI Track Drive Motor
  • Linde PMR Wheel Drive
  • Linde PMT Swing Drive
  • Linde PMTE Swing Drive Motor

Linde Electronic Controls:

Electronic control units from Linde are the perfect match to the Linde Load-Sensing-System. Typical applications are excavators, loading machines and cranes. For closed loop systems Linde makes electronic drive controls. They can be applied in many mobile applications such as construction, agricultural and forestry machines as well as in municipal and material handling vehicles.

  • Linde’s controllers perfectly match the controls and regulators of Linde pumps, motors and directional control valves.
  • Hydraulic Pilot Controller - for the primary control of hydro pumps, primary-secondary control of hydro pumps and motors, hydraulic actuation of directional control valves.
  • Electronic Crawler Drive Joystick - 2-axis, 4-quadrant controller, longitudinal axis with brake, transverse axis spring-centered, suitable for 12V/24V D.C. electrical systems
  • Electronic Joy-Stick - Potentiometer-based joystick (passive sensor)
  • Throttle/Inch pedal - Default value definition via actuating switch/relay (for throttle pedal) or reduction of the nominal value via limit stop switch/relay (for inch pedal).
  • Diesel Throttle Control - Electro-hydraulic cylinder for adjusting the speed of the diesel engine. Suitable for mounting on diesel engine injection pump. Vibration proof.
  • Potentiometer - Redundant potentiometer for mounting on a throttle pedal with return spring.
  • Speed Sensor - For diesel engine (flywheel), passive induction sensor, 3-pin cable connector.
  • Pressure sensor - Designed to record high pressure. Pressure range 0-600 bar. Analog signal 1V-5V, stabilized supply voltage 8V-15V, 3-pin cable connector.
  • Joystick, electronic CEH 71 2-way/ 4-way electronic control stick, longitudinal axis with brake, transverse axis spring centered, additional switch function in handle; this product is suited for console mounting.
  • Joystick LLC Potentiometer joystick, stabilized voltage supply 5 V-15 V, spring-centered, suitable for armrest mounting, various versions, e.g. single lever, 4 quadrant version available.
  • Throttle / inch pedal CEH 20 Drive pedal or inch pedal (inverse characteristic curve) for reduction of reference value, stabilized supply voltage Diesel throttle control
  • CHX 01 Electro hydraulic linear actuator (cylinder, stroke 25 mm) for altering the injection pump, suited for mounting on the engine/injection pump, vibration proof, preferably for PWM signal input.
  • Potentiometer CEH 05 Redundant potentiometer for mounting on a throttle pedal with return spring, stabilized supply voltage 5 V-15 V.
  • Potentiometer CEH 04 Suitable for direct mounting onto diesel engine/ injection pump for throttle position feed back, metal housing, vibration proof.
  • Speed sensor CEH 10 Speed sensor for hydraulic motor or gear. Two channels for detection of rotational direction.
  • Hall-sensor up to 15 kHz, pressure resistant to 5 bar static.
  • Pressure sensor CEH 50 For high pressure detection, pressure range 0-600 bar, analogue output signal 1 V-5 V, stabilized supply voltage 12 V-30 V.