Miratron Hydraulic Remote Control Systems

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Progressive Power & Control sells hydraulic radio remote controls from Miratron.

  • Remote controls (transmitters and receivers)
  • CAN-enabled switches
  • Speed switches
  • Fan controllers
  • Valve drivers
  • IR (infrared) receivers for short range use
  • Custom remote controls built to your specifications

Radio Remote Controls:

Miratron belly-pack controllers - environmentally sealed to IP-65

  • LCD display
  • Joysticks Paddles
  • Mushroon E-STOP Potentiometers
  • Toggle switches
  • Pushbuttons and other controls

Customizable CAN switch banks with built-in transceivers

  • 4, 6, 8, 10 switch bank configurations available.
  • Customizable switch types and analog inputs available for potentiometers, sensors, or joysticks.

Speed Switches by Miratron

  • Customizable for use as a tachometer, hour meter, volt meter, feed controller, etc.

Fan Controllers

Valve Drivers