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Nachi Compact Hydraulic Power Units

Nachi NSP Compact Power Units

An excellent power source to operate CNC lathe functions such as opening and closing chucks, raising and lowering spindles, rotating tools, holding steady pressure, and other machine tool needs. These high-efficiency hydraulic power units save up to 40% in energy costs compared to traditional hydraulic systems. Their small footprint, space-saving design and reduced tank capacity yields a compact power unit with a high cooling capacity powered by an integrated cooling system that negates the need for the normally necessary coolant piping and wiring for a cooling fan. The Nachi compact power units include a Nachi UVN Uni-pump.

Nachi NSP power unit catalog

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Nachi NSP-10, NSP-20, NSP-30 model compact hydraulic power unit with UVN uni-pump vane pump and on-board cooling system

Nachi Model NSP part numbers include:

  • NSP-10-07V0A2-13
  • NSP-10-15V1A4-F2-T13
  • NSP-10E-15V1A3-12
  • NSP-20-07V0A2-13
  • NSP-20-15V0A3-13
  • NSP-20-15V1A2-13
  • NSP-20-15V1A3-1136P
  • NSP-20-15V1A3-13
  • NSP-20-15V1A4-13
  • NSP-20-22V1A4-1137P
  • NSP-20-22V1A4-1199K
  • NSP-20-22V1A4-1199P
  • NSP-20-22V1A4-1218P
  • NSP-20-22V1A4-13
  • NSP-20E-15V1A3-12
  • NSP-20E-22V1A4-12
  • NSP-30-37V2A4-13
  • NSP2015V0A3F1T2FLOAT

Nachi NSPi Inverter-driven Hydraulic Power Unit

These Nachi inverter-driven units are all-in-one systems thaat include everything found in the Nachi NSP, including hydraulic fluid tank, electric motor, UVN uni-pump, cooling system, PLUS the Nachi inverter drive. IF the inverter drive should ever fail, your manufacturing line can continue to operate in standard NSP mode until repairs can be made.

  • Reduce power consumption up to 69% over traditional hydraulic power units
  • 42% less CO2 emissions
  • Decrease in oil temperature
  • Improves accuracy of your machining
  • Extends the life of your hydraulic oil and seals
  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • 10L or 20L tanks available
  • 1.5kw or 2.2kw electric motor capacity available
  • 200V or 400V motor power supply available

Nachi NSP power unit catalog

Nachi NSPi inverter-driven hydraulic power unit for green energy conservation

Nachi Model NSPi model numbers include:

  • NSP-10E-15V※A※-21
  • NSP-10E-22V1A※-21
  • NSP-20E-15V1A※-21
  • NSP-20E-22V1A※-21