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Nachi Legato Solenoid Safety Valves

Nachi SAW & DSW Series Solenoid Valve

Nachi Legato SAW and DSW series control valves are solenoid valves with monitoring switches for press safety confirming systems. ISO 12100 requires the installation of safety confirming systems for accident prevention. The Nachi system is ISO12100 compliant and allows machine operation only after safety has been confirmed, keeping your production line running safely. Less capable conventional hazard detecting systems stop the operation of your production line entirely without operator input when any unsafe condition is suspected.

Nachi Legato SAW and DSW series solenoid safety valves for press confirming systems compliant with ISO 12100

Nachi SAW safety valve

Nachi SAW/DSW part numbers include:

  • SAW-G03
  • DSW-G04
  • SAW-G01-A3X-GR-D2-10
  • SAW-G01-C5-GR-D2-10
  • SAW-G03-A3X-GR-D2-10
  • SAW-G03-A3X-GR-D2J10
  • SAW-G03-A5-GR-D2-10
  • SAW-G03-C5-GR-D2-J10
  • SAW-G03-C5-GR-D2-10
  • SAW-G03-C6-GR-D2-10