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About Nachi Robots

Robotics is the new frontier in manufacturing, and Nachi is at the forefront with robots designed for many different manufacturing functions, including:

  • Spot welding
  • Arc welding
  • Machine tending
  • Material handling
  • Palletizing
  • Dispensing

Enjoy this video presentation put together by Nachi Robotics to illustrate what robots are capable of in manufacturing environments.

Nachi SRA Robots

SRA series robots with FD controllers are used primarily in spot welding applications.  The SRA robots are light and rigid, with faster motion and reduced vibration.  Motion control from the FD controller provides quick acceleration for short cycle-times.  The FD servo gun control software provides high motor speeds while maintaining controlled electrode contact to parts being welded.

  • SRA Compact
  • SRA Standard Reach
  • SRA Long Reach
  • SRA Heavy Payload
  • SRA Shelf Mount

Nachi SRA robot

Nachi SRA-H Hollow-arm Robots

SRA-H hollow-arm design eliminates the need for external dress packages for pneumatic, power, and servomotor cables. This improves cable life, minimizes maintenance requirements and eliminates cable snags with peripheral equipment.

  • SRA100HS
  • SRA100HS
  • SRA100H
  • SRA133HL
  • SRA210H
  • SRA220H(V) - Ceiling Mount

Nachi SRA-H Hollow-arm Robots

Nachi LP Palletizing Robots

  • LP130F
  • LP180/LP210

Nachi LP Palletizing Robot

Nachi MC Medium Payload Robots

  • MC10S
  • MC10L
  • MC12S
  • MC20
  • MC35/50(M)*/70 - Food handling robot

Nachi MC Medium Payload Robot

Nachi MC Heavy Payload Robots

  • MC280L
  • MC350
  • MC470P
  • MC600

Nachi MC Heavy Payload Robot

Nachi MR Flexible 7-Axis Robots

  • MR20/MR20L
  • MR35/MR50

Nachi MR Flexible 7-Axis Robot

Nachi MZ Ultra High-Speed Robots

  • MZ03EL
  • MZ04(E) - Safe Robot Spec
  • MZ07(P) - 5 Axes Palletizing Spec
  • MZ07L(P) - 5 Axes Palletizing Spec

Nachi MZ Ultra High-Speed Robot

Nachi ES and EZ Series SCARA Robots

  • ES06
  • ES12
  • EZ02(V/F) - V= Invert mount. F= Floor Mount
  • EZ03(V/F) - V= Invert mount. F= Floor Mount

Nachi ES/EZ Series SCARA Robots

SCARA is an acronym for "Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm" or "Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm"

Controllers and Software:

Of course, robots are operated by programmable controllers running control software. Nachi offers several different levels of controllers and integration software:

  • FD11 Controller
  • FD14 Controller
  • CFD Controller
  • FD Smart Teach Pendant


PLC software comes standard with each Nachi robot, controlling internal robot functions, and allowing it to communicate with other machines. Hundreds of tasks can be performed using PLC and the included User Task macros.


A software system that allows:

  • Creation of custom interface screens
  • Monitoring of production data
  • Tracking of essential process variables (quality control)
  • Remote access for maintenance and technical support

FlexGui includes:

  • FlexGui Toolbox for PC
  • FlexGui Anywhere for mobile devices
  • FlexGui Remote
  • FlexGui Reporting

Open NR

A C++ library that allows PC-based control of Nachi robots, interfacing with Nachi FD or CFD Robot controllers.

Fieldbus Communication Protocols

Standard fieldbus communication protocols allow you to integrate Nachi Robots with peripherals and PLC units.

Collaborative Robots

Human/Robot collaboration requires control of the robot by the human to prevent injury and speed production. Nachi offers collaborative control modes to accomplish that.

  • Mode #1: Safety-Rated Monitored Stop - The robot can be stopped in a safe position allowing the operator to perform tasks without shutting the robot down.
  • Mode #2: Direct Teach – Allows the user to hand guide the robot for programming.
  • Mode #3: Speed and Separation Monitoring - Sensors detect human presence and the robot speed is limited based on the distance between robot and human.
  • Mode #4: Force and Torque Limiting – Limiting robot force enables humans to work side-by-side with robots without fear of harm. If the robot contacts a human or other object it will simply stop upon making contact without causing injury or damage.

Force Control

Allows Nachi robots to apply constant force along a contoured path and use “feel” to insert parts.

Integrated Vision

Maximize efficiency and control of your process with Nachi Vision Technologies.

NV-Pro Vision System

Nachi NV-Pro advanced vision system supports 2D, 3D, and laser vision technologies offering high-speed image acquisition and measurements. Expandable up to four cameras on a single system for maximum flexibility. NV-Pro supports conveyor synchronization (Line Tracking) technology for on-the-fly handling capability. NV-Pro is a fully integrated vision solution with image display on the teach pendant for simplified setup and operation.

NV-Pro EX — 3D Surface Matching Vision System

Using Nachi NV-Pro EX "dot cloud vision", components lacking easily identifiable features such as holes or defined edges can be selected based upon surface contour and picked from bins of randomly arranged parts; this technology also saves cycle time as multiple parts queue from single image process sequence.

FD On Desk Robot Simulator

Nachi’s robot simulation software runs on PC and simulates all critical components of the Nachi FD Robot Control Platform and provides a 3D environment for creating accurate and realistic-looking work cells.