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Nachi Mobile Wheel Motors

Nachi mobile hydraulic wheel motors models PVD, PHV, PCR

Nachi PHV Travel Motors/Wheel Motors

This integrated unit is extremely reliable, highly efficient and maintains it's efficieny at high pressure ranges. It provides precise manuvering of your machine and includes a 2-speed function with auto kickdown. The Nachi PHV series combines everything needed in a track drive motor, including:

  • Planetary gearbox with Nachi proprietary angular ball bearings
  • Hydraulic axial piston motor
  • Negative type parking brake
  • Shockless relief valve
  • Anti-cavitation check valve
  • Additional valve as needed

Nachi PHV Travel Motors/Wheel Motors

Nachi PHV mobile hydraulic travel motor wheel motor

Nachi PHV Model Numbers:

  • PHV-1B-1243B-P-10
  • PHV-2B-2022A-P-10
  • PHV-2B-2022B-P-10
  • PHV-3B-35B-P-8480A
  • PHV-3B-35B-PT-9386Z
  • PHV-3B-3542A-P-10
  • PHV-3B-3542B-P-10
  • PHV-4B-6041B-P-10
  • PHV-4B-70D-P-9462A
  • PHV-4B-70D-P-9462Z
  • PHV-4B-70D-PT-9387Z
  • PHV-4B-70D-PT-9389Z
  • PHV-5B-110A-PST9454A
  • PHV-5B-70A-HP-8979Z

Nachi PCR Slew Motor

A winning combination of a planetary gearbox lubricated by hydraulic oil, an axial piston hydraulic motor, shockless relief valves, parking brake (negative type), and an anti-cavitation check valve make this integrated unit a highly efficient solution for mobile applications requiring a slew motor.

Nachi PCR mobile hydraulic slew motor

Nachi PCR Model Numbers:

  • PCR-2B-10A-FP-8584A
  • PCR-2B-10A-FP-8908A
  • PCR-3B-12A-FP-8999C
  • PCR-3B-12A-P-9464A
  • PCR-3B-12A-P-9464Z
  • PCR-4B-20A-FP-9392Z2
  • PCR-5B-30A-FP-9344A

Nachi PVD Split Flow Piston Pump

This axial piston pump system with optional single or dual gear pumps can eliminate engine stalling, as horsepower is controlled using a feedback system. This high-efficiency pump is short in stature, making installation in the engine compartment simple. Constant flow as the difference in flow rates between ports is minimal. No case drain piping needed.

Nachi mobile hydraulic PVD piuston pump with split flow

Nachi PVD Model Numbers:

  • PVD-0B-12P-5AG-4461A
  • PVD-1B-25P-8G3-5168A
  • PVD-1B-34P-12G55513Z