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Poclain Smart Drive is a controller system with embedded software that operates the engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motors and brakes in for mobile machinery hydrostatic transmissions. Products include:

Poclain SmartDrive CT

Poclain SmartDrive Easy Plus

Poclain SmartDrive Auto

  • Hydrostatic transmission control
  • Automatic displacement shift
  • Management of engine rotation speed
  • Power limitation
  • Anti-stall
  • Brake management
  • Signalling
  • Speed regulation (Cruise control)
  • Limp mode management
  • Pump displacement threshold
  • Engine speed
  • Hydraulic motor displacement
  • Brake valves
  • Sensors
  • Cruise control function
  • Driving modes

Poclain SmartDrive hydrostatic transmission controllers

Poclain CreepDrive Box

Simplifies the installation and operation of Poclain's CreepDrive system.

Poclain CreepDrive Box controller