PQ Controls

Progressive Power & Control sells hydraulic controls from PQ Controls. Hydraulic controllers include joysticks (including single-axis and multi-axis joysticks), foot pedals, control knobs, level sensors, remote controls, linear actuators, and electronic controllers boards.

PQ Controls Single Axis Joysticks:

  • Model 100 Joystick - single axis proportional control. Potentiometer-based or switched outputs available.
  • Model 105 Joystick - Miniature heavy duty paddle control
  • Model 112 Joystick - Proportional hall effect joystick
  • Model 115 Joystick - Proportional or switched control with spring return or friction hold
  • Model 120 Joystick - Above panel mounting - Proportional or switched control with spring return or friction hold

PQ Controls Multi Axis Joysticks:

  • Model 205 Multi-axis Joystick - Miniature hall effect joystick for use where space is limited and precise "feathering" is necessary
  • Model 212 Multi-axis Joystick - suitable for most outdoor industrial mutli-axis applications. Available in mechanical and electrical versions.
  • Model 215 Multi-axis Joystick - This switched joystick allows the operator to control many on/off functions with one hand.
  • Model 220 Multi-axis Joystick - Inductively Coupled joystick with contactless controls. Available in electrical and mechanical options.
  • Model 225 Multi-axis Joystick - contactless Hall Effect Output eliminates the wiping contacts of potentiometric joysticks. High cycle-life torsion springs (2 per axis) - produces a smooth "feel" and extended life. Spring return or Friction Hold options. Digitally Calibrated. Weather resistant.

PQ Controls Foot Pedals:

PQ Controls Control Knobs:

  • The Model 110 Footpedal is a heavy duty single axis proportional control, used in industrial equipment. It inclues contactless Hall Effect outputs, mounting pattern to hydraulic pilot foot pedals made by U.S. and European manufacturers, auxiliary. Outputs can be used as mechanical switches. Weather resistant, bi-directional or uni-directional.
  • Model RH112 Control Knob - Contactless Hall Effect output eliminates contacts of potentiometers. Digitally calibrated. Auxiliary outputs can be used as mechanical switches where on/off "switched" output is required. Weather resistant to reduce failures due to moisture. Compact, low profile design.

PQ Controls Level Sensors:

  • Model 400 Omni-directional lever sensor - Omni-Directional Sensing in 360 degrees of movement. Adjustable trip angles and time delays. Dual trip point capability. Normally on or normally off versions. Optional bubble level. Provides visual reference to the horizon. Viscously damped pendulum. Reverse polarity and short circuit protection - Needs no fuse, cannot be damaged by electrical mishap.
  • Model 410 Single-axis platform leveler - Single Axis Sensing with independent outputs for automatic platform levelers.
  • Model 420 Di-axial level sensor - Silicone damped. Level Sensor with indepedently adjustable trip angles for the "X" and "Y" axis. Applications include manlifts, cranes, scissor lifts, and mobile platforms
  • Model 425 Proportional di-axial level sensor - proportional X and Y outputs. For use with remote level indicator displays or where proportional outputs are needed.
  • Model 830 Angular display readout for a visual indication of X and Y levels. PQ Controls Linear Actuators:
  • Model 750 and Model 751 Linear Actuators for use in hydraulic systems in operation of a valve lever or directly to a valve spool.

PQ Controls Remote Controls:

  • Model RF 418 remote control for operating machinery from up to 100ft away. Up to 8 digital on/off functions. 30 hour battery life. Also available as Model RF 418 Pistol with a proportional trigger option.

PQ Controls Electronics:

  • Model 504 adjustable valve drive board - 8 Independent adjustable parameters.
  • Model 509 programmable valve drive board - Programmable microprocessor-based Valve Drive Board with built-in current meter and digital control panel.
  • Model 511 Apitec - preset to Apitec's specifications - Analog ramped PWM Valve Drive Board designed to drive the Apitec valve.
  • Model 519 mini programmable valve drive boardm - Miniature programmable microprocessor-based Valve Drive Board with built-in current meter and digital control panel.
  • Model MCB200 hardwired input controller board - input controller board primarily used in CANbus/J1939 with a hardwire conductor configuration
  • Model MCB900 wireless input controller board - an input controller board primarily used in CANbus or wireless communication of handheld controllers. USB connection board - used to communicate with our joysticks over a USB connection.
  • CANBus Control System - P-Q CANBus (Controlled Area Network) is a complete vehicle control system that is capable of controlling joysticks, switches, sensors, etc. ICS Systems - Fiber-optic, hardwire, twisted pair or radio remote control. Uses standard P-Q Control levers and programmable boards. Proportional and digital programmable inputs.

PQ Controls Grip Handles:

  • Pistol grips
  • Ergo Grips
  • Ball Knobs
  • TRS Grip
  • RSG Grip
  • MSG Grip
  • RSTG Grip
  • MFHG Grip
  • Lever Knobs

PQ Controls Joystick
PQ Controls Model 100 Joystick

PQ Controls paddle controller
Paddle Control

PQ Controls foot pedal
PQ Controls Foot Pedal

PQ Controls control knob
PQ Controls Control Knob

PQ Controls model 115 joystick
PQ Controls Joystick Model 115

PQ Controls joystick model 212
PQ Control Model 212 Joystick

PQ Controls model 215 joystick
PQ Controls Joystick Model 215

PQ Controls joystick model 220
Model 220 Joystick

PQ Controls joystick
Joystick Model 225