Sunfab North America Hydraulics

Progressive Power & Control sells Sunfab hydraulic pumps and motors, high pressure axial piston pumps, dual flow piston pumps and variable displacement pumps. Sunfab pumps are used in mobile machinery for operating hydraulic equipment such as snowplows, spreaders, concrete mixers, dump trucks, garbage trucks and tankers. ISO, SAE and DIN pump shafts are available.

photo collage os Sunfab hydraulic products

Sunfab Variable Flow Hydraulic Pumps

Sunfab SVH is a variable axial piston pump for load sensing systems, designed for direct installation on the truck's power take off. Sunfab SVH is intended for rigorous use on forestry cranes, general cargo cranes, suction vehicles, refuse collection vehicles, etc.

Sunfab Dual Flow Hydraulic Pumps

The dual-flow pump provides a more versatile and lower priced overall solution as compared to a conventional arrangement with two pumps and a drive gearbox. When fitted with a torque limiting valve it can supply a small flow at high pressure or a combined large flow at a lower pressure.

Sunfab Single Flow Hydraulic Pumps

The Compact Line has been developed to offer high maximum rpm, high pressure, high efficiency, low noise level and to occupy a very small mounting space.

Sunfab Hydraulic Motors

The Sunfab compact motor is an efficient piston motor with small requirements for installation space. Starting torque is high. Together with its operational reliability this makes the motor specially suited for truck hydraulics.

Sunfab Tracpower

TracPower is a gearbox that installs directly to a tractor PTO (power takeoff) and increases the speed of the PTO by 250%.

Sunfab SZ Splitter Gearbox

Allows assembly of double hydraulic pumps on a single power takeoff (PTO) unit.

Sunfab Speed Sensor

Two channel speed sensor for use with Sunfab SCM model motors.

Sunfab Pressure Relief Valve

Sunfab PRV is an inline mounted pressure relief valve used to protect hydraulic systems from excessive pressure in the hydraulic circuit.

Sunfab Anti-cavitation Valve

Cavitation occurs when pressure drops in a hydraulic circuit. This anti-cavitation valve (check valve) ensures a flow of oil to minimize the damaging effects of cavitation.

Sunfab Bypass Valve

Bypass valve for the Sunfab SCP model of hydraulic pump. Used when mobile machinery is moving while its PTO is active.

Sunfab Flushing Valve

A flushing valve reduces oil temperature by siphoning off a portion of the return flow oil and flushing the cooled oil through the motor housing.