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Triple R Hydraulic Oil Purification Systems

Triple R continuous oil purification systems sold by Indiana distributor Progressive Power & Control. Triple R oil filtration systems remove all solid particles, sludge, water and oxidation from hydraulic machinery, and thoroughly cleans hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic Filter Elements

Triple R filter elements - 3 stages of different densities of cellulose material for hydraulic fluid cleaning.

BU series Hydraulic Filtration Systems

Bypass oil cleaners with a direct conection to the hydraulic high pressure line.

SE series Filtration for Hydraulic Fluids

Triple R SE is an offline bypass filtration system for use on all types of hydraulic and lubricated machinery with up to a 3.6 liter reservoir capacity.

OSCA series Mobile Hydraulic Filtration Systems

Complete oil cleaning system.

SS series Large Volume Hydraulic Filtration Unit

Multiple element steel housings for removal of particles water and sludge. Cleans large volumes of hydraulic and lubrication fluids.

TR series Bypass Filtration for Engines

Bypass filter for combustion engines. Removes contaminants from engine oil and fuel.

WS series Water Separators

Separate water from hydraulic fluids.

CS series Filtration for All Hydraulic Fluids

The CS series is a custom made off-line oil purification system that can be used as mobile service units or as high volume oil cleaning system.

Vacuum Dehydrator

Vacuum system removes water, and gasses from hydraulic fluids

Centrifuge Filtration Units

Triple R centrifuge filtration units are used for fine particles, sludge/solids, and water removal in hydraulic systems.


For removing air bubbles from hydraulic systems.

OS Series

Separates oil from aqueous fluids

Backwashing Filters

Self-cleaning filter systems

CUBE Series

Combination of hydraulic oil cleaner and centrifuge

TRCS Series

TRCS removes sludge and microscopic particles.

Magnet Conveyor TRAP Series

Removes grinding powder and binding agent from the cutting fluid.

Magnet Separators

Create a magnetic field to attract contaminants