Vescor Hydraulic Reservoirs

Progressive Power & Control sells custom hydraulic reservoirs and accessories from Vescor.

J.I.C. Reservoirs

  • VESCOR J.I.C. reservoirs meet all J.I.C., N.F.P.A., and A.S.L.E. standards
  • Fabricated from hot rolled steel plate and sheet
  • Baffles slotted for correct oil circulation
  • Single bolt endcovers provide the maximum opening for cleanout of reservoir
  • Reservoirs include sight level, temperature gage and filler breather
  • Endcover gaskets for positive seal
  • Available in aluminum and stainless steel "T" Shaped and "L" Shaped

Reservoir Types

  • Horizontal Reservoirs
  • Vertical Reservoirs
  • Vari-Pak Reservoirs
  • DIN Reservoirs
  • Aluminum Reservoirs
  • Stainless Steel Reservoirs
  • Custom Reservoirs