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Voith IPN Hydraulic Internal Gear Pumps

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Voith IPN Low-pressure Internal Gear Pump

The low noise and high volumetric efficieny of the Voith IPN gear pump, suitable for variable volume flows and variable-speed drives, is created by an innovative Voith design. Hydraulic oil (or other hydraulic pressure fluid) is drawn into the cavity between the pinion and the internal gear each time the gear rotates past the 180 degree angle. When the internal gear rotates past the next 180 degree position the hydraulic fluid is displaced by the pinion teeth entering the internal gear teeth gaps, displacing the pressure fluid. Minimal volume losses and maximum efficiency.

Voith IPN model low-pressure internal gear pump photo

  • Internal gear design
  • Voith Superlip (seal lip) provides radial gap compensation
  • Involute gearing (non-cycloidal)
  • High volumetric and overall efficiency
  • Minimal flow and pressure pulsation
  • Compact dimensions and low weight
  • Wide speed and viscosity range
  • Motor operation possible

Multiple pumps / Pump combinations

Voith IPN pumps can be combined to create dual or multi-flow pumps. Combining with medium and high-pressure pumps can handle many hydraulic applications including complete Voith H+L EPA/EPAF hydraulic units with IPN pumps, asynchronous motors and frequency converters, generating variable volume flows.


Voith IPN gear pump schematic

  • 1) Pinion Shaft
    2) Internal Gear
  • 3) Seal Lips
  • 4) Plain Bearing
  • 5) Hydrostatic Relieved Bearing
  • 6) Housing
  • Yellow = Suction Chamber
  • Tan = Pressure Chamber

IPN Part Numbers

  • IPN4-32-101
  • IPN4-40-101
  • IPN-50-101
  • IPN4-32-401
  • IPN4-40-401
  • IPN4-50-401
  • IPN4-32-601
  • IPN4-40-601
  • IPN4-50-601
  • IPN4-32-100
  • IPN4-40-100
  • IPN4-50-100
  • IPN4-32-901
  • IPN4-40-901
  • IPN4-50-901
  • IPN4-32-410
  • IPN4-40-410
  • IPN4-50-410
  • IPN5-64-101
  • IPN5-80-101
  • IPN5-100-101
  • IPN5-X-64-101
  • IPN5-X-80-101
  • IPN5-X-100-101
  • IPN6-125-101
  • IPN6-160-101
  • IPN6-200-101
  • IPN6-X-125-101
  • IPN6-X-160-101
  • IPN6-X-200-101