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Voith Hydraulic Motor/Pump Combination

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Voith EPAI Hybrid System Motor & Pump Combination

Through intelligent design, this EPAI combination motor and internal gear pump electrohydraulic unit includes a single or double internal gear pump built in to a Voith HYDT160 asynchronous electric motor. The internal pump can be either the Voith IPV (330 bar) or the Voith IPM (175 bar).

It's small footprint is up to 50% smaller than other pump/motor combinations and it's quiet, efficient operation (with sound output up to 12 decibels quieter than a traditional combination motor/pump) offers low leak design, minimal moving parts and long life. Optional valves can be attached to control direction or pressure relief. Pulsation of flow and pressure is very low. This motor/pump combo is useable with variable speed drives.

photo of Voith EPAI hybrid motor and pump combination


Voith EPAI hybrid motor/pump photo