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Voith Hydraulic Valves

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Voith Directional Control Valves

Directional control valves allow, restrict or somehow alter the flow of hydraulic fluid. Voith directional control valves are small, offer quick response, low internal leakage, and precise, reliable operation at 315 bar pressure. VTHL offers a wide range of directional control valves for vertical or horizontal mounting. In addition to standard directional control valves, the product line includes a multitude of special designs.

Voith IPVS high-pressure internal gear pump photo


  • NG 4 - Directly controlled, electrically operated - Max flow = 30 liters per minute
  • NG 6 - Directly controlled, electrically operated - Max flow = 80 to 120 liters per minute
  • NG 10 - Directly controlled, electrically operated - Max flow = 100 liters per minute
  • NG 25 - Directly controlled, electrically operated - Max flow = 380 liters per minute

Voith Flow Control Valves

Voith flow control valves provide a consistent volumetric flow rate in hydraulic systems. Voith offers valves from flow rates of 10 cm3 / min up to 45 l / min. at a maximum operating pressure of 250 bar. Voith flow control valves are manufactured with manual or electrical actuation. VTHL control valves are extremely precise, allowing you to reproduce flow rates from high to low and viscosity changes only minimally affect flow rate. Pressure spikes are regulated/corrected within milliseconds.

photo of Voith hydraulic flow control valve

Model numbers:

  • NG 6 - 250 bar, 9 l/min - controlled by a rotary knob
  • BG 12 - 150 bar, 6 l/min - controlled by a rotary knob

Voith Pressure Control Valves

Voith pressure control valves regulate hydraulic pressure, limiting hysteresis (the lagging of the effect behind its cause), while giving you precise control and lack of sensitivity to disruption by vibrations.

Voith hydraulic pressure control valve

VTHL pressure control valves:

  • Pressure relief valves - NG 4, NG 6
  • Pressure reducing valves - NG 4, NG 6
  • Accumulator charging valves - NG 12

Voith Sandwich Valves

Control units can be designed by combining sandwich valves within stack-mounted devices. Many functions can be accomplished with a valve that fits a small space. VTHL offers a variety of valve types for use in pressure control, check and throttle functions in a variety of sizes: the control channels, and thus the oil column, are kept very short. This ensures the necessary prerequisite for good dynamic response of the hydraulic control system.

Voith sandwich valves

Check valve

  • NG 4 315 bar
  • NG 6 315 bar
  • NG 4 315 bar
  • NG 6 315 bar

One way restrictor

  • NG 4 250 bar
  • NG 6 250 bar

Pressure relief valve

  • NG 4 250 bar
  • NG 6 250 bar
  • NG 4 250 bar

Voith Electro-hydraulic Amplifiers

VTHL electro-hydraulic amplifiers are available for maximum flow rates up to 1000 l/min including models for rotary and linear motion. Also include models for mechanical positioning feedback. ex: spindle, gear rack or belt drive, providing maximum dynamic response.

High power and energy efficieny are created by combining electric setpoint control with a hydraulic actuator, separate controls and mechanical adjustability. The valve design offers high positioning accuracy and is extremely rugged. Interface modules make it possible to connect to all types of machine controls.

photo of Voith electro-hydraulic amplifier

Model numbers:

  • SVIL 07 / SVIL 14
  • SVEL 07 / SVEL 14
  • SVIZ 07 / SVIZ 14
  • SVEZ 07 / SVEZ 14
  • SVIR 07 / SVIR 14
  • SVID 07