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Voith Hydraulic Servo Punch Systems

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Voith HRE Punch Drive

The HRE punch system is designed for punching, forming, shaping and nibbling applications. Electronic controls provide position feedback, promising accurate and repeatable output.

  • Hydromechanical closed-loop system
  • PCU electronic link between HRE and PLC/CNC
  • Installs directly on manifold
  • Separate accumulator charging for low-pressure and high-pressure
  • HRE 20t and HRE 30t models

Voith HRE servo punch system

Voith ECOplus Servo Punching System

Designed for punching machines and nibbling machines.

  • ECO 20to, ECO 30to and ECO 40to models available
  • Work force ratings from 220 kN to 431 kN
  • Integrated digital measuring system
  • HS4 control electronics
  • Standardized mounting

Voith ECOplus servo punching system