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Yates MH Hydraulic Mill-type Cylinders and MP Pneumatic Mill-type Cylinders

Yates MH hydraulic cylinder mill-type and MP pneumatic mill-type cylinder photo

About Yates MH and MP Mill-type Cylinders

Yates MH and MP mill technical illustration


  1. Steel head and cap - precise alignment between piston, tube, piston rod and rod bearing.
  2. The cylinder barrel is constructed of heavy steel tubing honed to a fine finish for minimal friction and a positive seal.
  3. Bronze high-strength rod cartridge supports the bearing and provides durability. The gland can be removed without disassembling the cylinder.
  4. The one-piece piston machined from iron is extremely strong and protects against shock loads.
  5. The case-hardened, chrome-plated piston rod is machined from 50,000 to 100,000 PSI minimum yield material (depending on diameter).
  6. Steel body flanges are threaded to the O.D. of the barrel. On trunnion mount cylinders, both flanges and trunnions are welded to the tube.
  7. The head cushion sleeve and rear cushion spear offer gradual deceleration thereby reducing shock at end of the cylinder stroke.
  8. Safe and precise cushion adjustment under pressure.
  9. Tube end seal o-rings (high durometer material) and backup seals promise leak-free service.
  10. Standard SAE O-ring ports can be rotated 90°, 180°, and 270°. NPTF ports are also available.
  11. Urethane rod seal is durabile and seals well, avoiding leaks.
  12. Standard piston seals with outboard wear bands offer low friction and handle high loads.
  13. A double-lipped rod wiper acts as a secondary seal, preventing the introduction of contaminants.

Yates MH and MP Mill-type Cylinder Mounting Options

Yates offers many different mounting options for the MH and MP range of mill-type cylinders. All mounts are NFPA interchangeable.

  • Pivot Mounts
    • Cap Fixed Clevis Mount
    • Cap Fixed Eye Mount
    • Spherical Bearing Mount
  • Flange and Trunnion Mounts
    • Head Rectangular Internal Flange
    • Cap Rectangular Internal Flange
    • Intermediate Fixed Trunnion Mount
  • Rod End Options
    • Female Clevis
    • Rod Couplers
    • Clevis Bracket

Ordering Options for Mill-type Cylinders

  • Air service
  • Low pressure hydraulic
  • High pressure hydraulic
  • Max rated pressure
  • Bore diameter
  • Stroke length
  • Rod diameter
  • Mounting style
  • Rod end style: male, female, other
  • Specify thread diameter, pitch and length (i.e. 1 1/4" - 14 male x 1 5/8" long)
  • Cushion on rod end
  • Cushion on cap end
  • Location of adjustments
  • Type of port: NPTF, SAE, 4 bolt flange, other
  • Port size rod end
  • Port size cap end
  • Location of ports
  • Operating fluid used
  • Operating temperature
  • Special features required