Progressive Power & Control

Value-added Distributor of Industrial and Mobile Hydraulics in Indiana

We're celebrating our 35th year in business! PPC is a value-added distributor that not only sells hydraulic equipment, but understands its function and can assist you with systems engineering/design and choosing the right hydraulic products. The proper form factor and hydraulic fittings are important to ensure that your hydraulic power unit, pump, motor, valve, cylinder or other hydraulic component fits properly and works when it arrives. Since 1985, Progressive Power & Control has served clients with expertise in hydraulic systems design, hydraulic equipment sales and repair, and fast, friendly service that you can only get from a family-owned company. We Know Hydraulics! Download our brochure

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Sales of New Hydraulic Components

PPC sells hydraulic components from the leading hydraulics vendors. But beyond just selling hydraulics, WE KNOW HYDRAULICS! When you contact PPC you will find knowledgeable staff available to assist you in product selection and work with you to make sure you have what you need to solve your problem.

Hydraulic System Design

Our Certified Fluid Power Specialists (CFPS) can help you design hydraulic systems to accomplish any task.

Custom Hydraulic Systems

Clean design, best-of-breed components and efficiency of operation are all attributes of PPCs custom-manufactured hydraulic power units and valve manifolds.

Repair of Hydraulic Parts

When you contact PPC for hydraulic repairs, you will receive excellent service, quick repairs, and follow-thru. If the repair timeframe doesn't fit your needs we can assist you with new, functional equivalent, or remanufactured hydraulic replacement parts.

Remanufactured Hydraulic Parts

We have years of experience with supplying our customers with remanufactured hydraulic parts, whether the reason for the remanufacturing is due to an item being discontinued, or to provide a hydraulic component that is less expensive than a new product.

Hydraulic Component Testing

We utliize a state-of-the-art Hydraulic Test Stand for testing the flow, pressure, response time and sealing of hydraulic motors, pumps, valves, industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, etc.

Robotic/Hydraulic Integration

We help manufacturers integrate hydraulic systems with Nachi Robots to create safe, efficient, highly productive manufacturing systems.

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Hydraulic Product Links

Our Key Vendors

  • Casappa Fluid Power: Aluminum and cast iron gearpumps and motors, gear flow dividers, axial piston pumps and motors
  • Emmegi: Heat exchangers for industrial and mobile
  • Fluidyne Fluid Power: Replacements for Vickers, Eaton, Racine, Bosch, Char-lynn, Rexroth, Denison, Oilgear, Veljan
  • Hayes: Flexible couplings and pump drive plates
  • HeyPac: Air operated hydraulic pumps and air-driven hydraulic power units
  • Ikron: Hydraulic Filters by Casappa
  • KTI: Hydraulic power units
  • Linde: Heavy duty piston pumps and motors
  • Moog Flo-tork (Flotork): Rack & pinion rotary actuators
  • Moog Ohio Oscillator: Actuators and oscillators
  • Nachi: Hydraulic power units, pumps, valves, and mobile hydraulics
  • Nachi Robotics: Robot systems for manufacturing automation
  • Parker Hydraulics: Pumps, motors, cartridge valves
  • Poclain Hydraulics: High speed low torque motors, piston motors, wheel motors, shaft output motors, rotating case motors
  • RRUSA: Planetary gear reducers and brakes from Reggiana Riduttori
  • Scanreco: Radio remote control transmitters and receivers
  • Voith Turbo: Internal gear pumps, high pressure gear pumps, low-viscosity fluid pumps, multiple flow pumps
  • Vonberg Valve: In-Line valves and Cartridge valves
  • Walvoil Hydraulic: control systems, spool valves, proportional valves and load sensing valves
  • Wandfluh: Swiss zero leak hydraulic valves
  • White Drive Products: Hydraulic motors, pumps, flow dividers and hydraulic brakes
  • Yates: Air cylinders and hydraulic cylinders
  • Yuken Kogyo: Japanese hydraulic pistons, vane pumps, directional valves, hydraulic stack modules and power units
  • Zinga: Hydraulic filters and filtration systems

Other Suppliers: