Emergency Replacement of Mission-Critical Hydraulic Components

Progressive Power & Control offers emergency component replacement for critical hydraulic parts such as pumps, circuit boards, hydraulic manifolds, heat exchangers, cartridge valves, etc. and "hard-to-find" components from manufacturers that have gone out of business or been swallowed up by larger manufacturers.

Just call us!

We may be able to help you get ahold of the component you need (or a functional substitute) out of our stock or from our vendor channel.

If you want IMMEDIATE, GUARANTEED REPLACEMENT of your critical hydraulic parts, consider our "Safety Stock"program.

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Immediate access to replacement parts can be a big problem, causing downtime in your productivity and financial losses. PPC can solve these problems by stocking critical components for you, allowing you to increase your spare parts inventory without the immediate cash outlay involved in on-site spares.

  • Use PPC as a parts depot to reduce your inventory
  • Delay payment for the critical components you need to keep your systems working
  • Just in time delivery of critical components
  • Reduce lead time on "hard to find" components.
    • There may be many different reasons that replacement components may not be readily available: Foreign manufacturer, specialty manufacturer, out of production, limited run component.
  • Set up creative inventory financing and parts warehousing

Contact Hank Rossman to discuss your needs for emergency replacement components.