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Nachi NNP Variable Piston Pump Unit

Nachi's NNP is a compact, environmentally-friendly variable piston pump unit and hydraulic power unit. Nachi offers their Quick Ship program to ensure that the NNP is available with short lead times.


  • Compact design utilizing the Nachi Uni-pump
  • Cooler hydraulic fluid temperature - low heat generation through fan cooler and tank structure
  • Valve block can be mounted, making the piping space on the side of the machine body smaller
  • 21MPa compatible
  • Return filter is standard equipment
  • A fan cooler for pump drain refrigeration is standard equipment.
  • A wide range of pump capacities up to a maximum of 45cm2/rev

Common applications for the NNP include:

  • Mills
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Lathes
  • Injection molding machines
  • CNC machines

Nachi NNP Variable Piston Pump Unit

Model numbers:

  • NNP-20-22P8N
  • NNP-20-37P8N
  • NNP-30-37P16N
  • NNP-20-22P22N
  • NNP-30-37P22N
  • NNP-40-37P35N
  • NNP-60-55P35N
  • NNP-80-37P45N
  • NNP-80-55P45N
  • NNP-5-5P8N
  • NNP-5-75P8N
  • NNP-5-5P16N
  • NNP-5-75P16N
  • NNP-5-5P22N
  • NNP-5-75P22N
  • NNP-10-5P8N
  • NNP-10-75P8N
  • NNP-10-5P16N
  • NNP-10-75P16N
  • NNP-10-5P22N
  • NNP-10-75P22N
  • NNP-20-10P35N
  • NNP-20-10P45N
  • NNP-30-10P35N
  • NNP-30-10P45N