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Nachi Mobile Piston Pumps

photo of Nachi PVS-2B variable displacement piston pump for mobile hydraulic use

Nachi PVS-2B Variable Displacement Piston Pump

This load-sensing control pump utilizes 11 pistons for minimal noise and pulsation. The flange-type inlet and threaded outlet port make connection simple and straightforward. Mounting 2 pumps in tandem is possible using flange mount bolts. Counter-clockwise rotation.

Nachi PVS-2B piston pump

Nachi PVS-2B Model Numbers:

  • PVS-2B-35N1-U-12
  • PVS-2B-35N1-12
  • PVS-2B-35N2-E13
  • PVS-2B-35N2-12
  • PVS-2B-35N3-E13
  • PVS-2B-35N3-Z-E13
  • PVS-2B-35N3-12
  • PVS-2B-35P3-E13
  • PVS-2B-35P3-Z-E13
  • PVS-2B-45N1-U-12
  • PVS-2B-45N1-12
  • PVS-2B-45N2-E13
  • PVS-2B-45N2-U-12
  • PVS-2B-45N3-E20
  • PVS-2B-45N3-Q2-E20
  • PVS-2B-45P3-E20
  • PVS-2B-45R3-L-E5127Z
  • PVS-2B-45R3LE5127Z3
  • PVS2B-45N2-U-T-4255F
  • PVS2B35EPR3Q1Q204484