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Nachi Mobile Swivel Joints

Nachi RCJ mobile hydraulic swivel joint slew valve

Nachi RCJ Series Swivel Joint Slew Valve

The RCJ series of swivel joint slew valves offer a high max operating pressure of 3625 psi and a max speed of 20 rpm. Their solid construction prevents oil leaks, their capacity to endure pressure is 4495 psi, and their operating temperature range is -4 to 194 degrees farenheit! They are versatile, offering a variety of screw types such as Rc, G and UNF. They are intended for use at the center of the rotation point on mini excavators, aerial lifts and other mobile devices that require controlled rotation as part of their operations.

Nachi RCJ Swivel Joint Slew Valve catalog

Nachi RCJ Model Numbers:

  • RCJ-060A-8U-2000
  • RCJ-080A-8U-2011